Eaton EverCool offers exceptional new mobile A/C performance


Haulage, agricultural and construction vehicles are subject to tough demands. So in turn are mobile air conditioning systems. When A/C components work harder and last longer, vehicle downtime is minimised, fuel economy maximised and top performance ensured.

Eaton EverCool’s new EC007 Type C barrier hose combines robust design and construction in a single hose.

Setting a new benchmark for performance, flexibility and durability, the EC007 offers excellent fracture and kink resistance. From bending the hose in difficult or tight installations, to year after year of normal wear and tear, the hose is designed to take punishment and keep on performing. It also benefits from Eaton’s proven ability to surpass key industry standards.

With close to zero permeation, the EC007 also reduces refrigeration loss, minimising greenhouse gas emissions, as well as downtime and costs associated with ‘topping up’ refrigerant. Combined with support for the latest environmentally friendly coolants, this ensures your vehicles can be both more productive and more sustainable.

  • Ultra-low permeation
  • Qualified with the newest industry refrigerants
  • Greater fracture and kink resistance
  • Excellent performance against heat fatigue failure

To learn more about all the benefits of EC007 hoses and the EverCool portfolio visit: 

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