Leica Geosystems and Xwatch pioneer 3D Avoidance Zone system


Leica Geosystems, part of Hexagon, and Xwatch Safety Solutions, a global leader in workplace safety, ha announced a significant milestone in their partnership, enhancing construction site safety and infrastructure protection.

The innovative combined solution will allow users to create or import 3D avoidance zones above and below the surface area directly within the Leica MC1 machine control software.

“We (Xwatch) connected an XW5; a height slew and RCI (rated capacity indicator) system to the Leica MC1 machine control software,” says Xwatch operations director Dan Leaney. “The integration of the XW5 provides a virtual wall with height and slew, also depth control which enables the recognition of cables and utilities from the MC1 software. This allows the operator to work around the avoidance zones with ease, across the entire construction site.”
Leica Geosystems and Xwatch announced their collaboration in 2021 and previously introduced the Leica iCON PA80 avoidance solution integration with the Xwatch XW 4 and 5 series safety systems. This new solution not only improves safety for construction workers and pedestrians around busy work sites, but also protects existing infrastructure, as the solution safeguards construction assets from interruption which can cause significant costs and delays.

Critical avoidance areas include overhead obstructions such as powerlines, underground services, and operations in close proximity to pedestrian walkways, live carriageways and public roads. This new solution offers the excavator operator an additional safeguard against these potential hazards.

Setting up 3D avoidance zones within the Leica MC1 platform is easy, enables operators to focus on their tasks and provides construction professionals with more control and peace of mind that their jobsite is safe and productive.

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