New wheel loader simulator training pack offers faster skills acquisition


CM Labs Simulations, developer of Vortex training simulators, have announced a wheel loader simulator training pack that includes advanced earthmoving techniques as well as guided learning features for faster skills acquisition.

The pack introduces guided learning in the form of real-time feedback during exercises on crucial metrics such as distance from objects, traction and terrain height. It also integrates the industry’s only real-time grade quality sensor (GQS). The GQS tracks key metrics such as height, slope and standard deviation.

This feedback allows trainees to make the adjustments needed in order to advance their learning more quickly and ultimately develop positive habits that will carry over into the real equipment.

The training pack incorporates the most advanced soil simulation available on the market. This results in highly realistic bucket/ground interactions, which is critical for training operators how to position the bucket properly and understand the machine’s capacity.

Thanks to this accurate soil simulation, the wheel loader training pack can teach trainees advanced earthmoving techniques while focusing on efficiency and safety. For example, they can learn how to ensure that the dump truck’s driving path is even and clear of any obstacles that might cause it to tip.

The training pack immerses trainees in a challenging environment that encourages them to change tools depending on the task they need to accomplish. This means trainees must learn the proper usage of the wheel loader’s quick coupler. This is a critical component of training, as it teaches them to avoid accidental release of the bucket during operations, which can cause life-changing situations on the worksite.

It also tracks all operating metrics during training exercises, and rolls them up into a single score that updates in real time. Organisations can customise this scoring system to take their most important operating criteria into consideration. This in turn gives instructors a benchmark for objectively assessing operators after every training session, in order to meet training objectives more rapidly.

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