Yale launches new Series N truck range


Yale has unveiled its new Series N lift truck solutions, moving the brand away from defined categories of basic, standard, and premium lift trucks to a new customer experience that enables users to define their own truck specification.

The first truck available in the range is the GDP/GLP 2.0-3.5N, with more electric and ICE trucks due to be released in the future.

“The introduction of the Series N is a pivotal moment for Yale,” said Phil Mean, product manager at Yale Europe Materials Handling. “In a time of forklift operator shortages and rising costs, it’s important for operations to have equipment that matches their needs. The Series N challenges customers to reject the status quo, and set their own standard.”

An operator-centric design

The Series N is designed to the needs of the operators and the challenges of the individual operation – rather than customers using a truck with functionalities they simply don’t need or use. The value of the trucks goes beyond moving goods from A to B; the Series N can reduce labour challenges through excellent ergonomics to assist with staff retention.

Boasting an easy three-point access, a large grab handle and generous foot space reduces strain and twisting as the operator gets in or out of the cab. A flip-up armrest provides an unobstructed route when raised, and additional comfort when down.

“We all know we work best with the right tools and supportive surroundings, so we have designed the operator compartment to be spacious, with excellent head and shoulder clearance and a full suspension seat. Even during a long shift, operators can rely on the Series N to provide comfortable working conditions,” added Mean.

All-round visibility

The trucks have a wide mast window, offering excellent forward visibility while handling loads or travelling. A fork laser level line option allows the operator to quickly see where the fork tips will enter a pallet load – great for low light environments – while a clear glass roof option allows unobstructed upward view, helping the operator to pick and place loads at height precisely.

Combined with industry-exclusive technology, the Yale Series N range supports peak performance, confidence, and productivity. A standard, full-colour touch screen display offers quick, easy access to vital truck information.

Other optional operator assist systems on the new lift trucks include a reverse driving camera and rear-view display, a highly configurable suite of spotlight and pedestrian awareness light options and mounting positions, and integrated proximity and object detection systems.

“Being able to work with confidence is key to achieving productivity goals and keeping operations moving,” continued Mean. “As well as high visibility and excellent ergonomics, the Yale Series N lift trucks feature rapid acceleration and fast lift/lower speeds – helping to shave off crucial seconds in every cycle.”

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