Latest iVT Design Challenge reflects ‘world in crisis’


iVT’s annual Design Challenge was conceived as a way for designers to showcase their ideas through the design of futuristic vehicles. However global events mean that the latest challenge turns its attention to the very real problems the planet is facing.

“Our publication reflects the world at large, and the annual Design Challenge is no different,” said iVT editor, Tom Stone. “The planet is clearly battling on more than one front, but the major side-effect is food shortages and food uncertainty. Our challenge for this year speaks to the heart of this problem. Perhaps one of the submissions will include something that could, in time, genuinely help optimise soil health and food growth.”

This year’s challenge

With war in Europe and the growing climate emergency, the world is facing an imminent food crisis. With these particular challenges in mind, design from scratch an agricultural/industrial vehicle that would help the planet maximise food production

iVT’s Design Challenge has been running for over 20 years. Its purpose is to inspire new thinking in off-highway vehicle design in order to meet the constantly evolving demands of the industry. This year the winning designs will feature in the pages of the iVT Off-Highway Annual 2023 – published in October.

“We always look forward to receiving submissions for our annual Design Challenge,” says Stone. “This year there is more at stake than usual.” iVT

Closing date for entries is Friday 2nd September 2022

For submissions or to discuss, please contact iVT’s Saul Wordsworth on 

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