UniCarriers presents new online fleet management


UniCarriers has expanded its product range with a new data-based fleet management solution.

The VOM (vehicle and operator management) system evaluates all the performance data from the Materials Handling Equipment (MHE) used: from condition of the vehicle through usage intensity to vehicle and driver data. Daily reports offer customers the optimal basis to visualize improvement potential in the warehouse, increase fleet productivity and reduce operating costs. The solution is not manufacturer-dependent and can be used even for mixed fleets.

The online VOM tool transfers all the operating data of the respective MHE directly to the cloud that is set up individually for the customer according to the latest security standards. The fleet management solution then pools these data sets and generates statistics, which reveal correlations in ongoing operation, for example between operating time and down time of the different vehicle types.

Furthermore, the VOM unit facilitates direct communication between the Materials Handling Equipment and back office – the basis for flexible and quick action in the case of current events such as shocks or when maintenance is due.

“The processes in a warehouse can be made more efficient only if transparent data is available,” emphasized Mikael Pålsson, head of product management at UniCarriers Europe.

“The VOM provides the information required to successfully control a fleet and make optimal use of its capacity.”

UniCarriers’focus in the development of the VOM was on both occupational safety and on smooth, efficient process configuration. A RFID card/fob/tag reader is therefore installed on all fleet vehicles, which ensures that the industrial trucks are operated only by authorised drivers. As an external control authority, they are responsible for safe operation of the vehicles at work. By using the function Pre Operation Check they report equipment defects immediately before use.

Permanent monitoring by the VOM prevents unnecessary repairs, and maintenance intervals and fleet availability are easier to plan. As an option, a module to achieve fewer accidents is available. A shock sensor on the truck immediately indicates an issue to the vehicle and warehouse equipment, and drivers are therefore made more aware of the need to handle the equipment responsibly.

Moreover, if necessary, traffic conditions in the warehouse can be optimized and, as a result, the costs for damage and energy consumption of the vehicles are reduced. The VOM is available as a plug-in installation not only for UniCarriers Equipment but for all brands and types of MHE working in the environment.

March 4, 2016

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