Revolution in the warehouse: Magazino to present Toru Cube picking-robot at CeMAT


Magazino, the Munich-based robotics startup, will be exhibiting the latest version of the picking-robot Toru at CeMAT, on May 31-June 3, 2016, in Hannover, Germany. Its latest robot, the Toru Cube, combines intelligent object recognition and precise gripping to provide excellent automated item-specific picking functionality. Toru Cube is optimized to handle rectangular objects such as books, boxes and shoe boxes.

Since the last prototype a lot has changed: the new Toru Cube can not only pick books but also larger rectangular objects – from a small paperback to a shoebox to a heavy encyclopedia to a box of screws.

It now also features a detachable picking-shelf with configurable levels of storage, providing space for up to 20 average sized books or other rectangular products. With its rotating column, it is able to reach items that are stored as low as 10cm from the ground, and up to 209cm from the ground, on both sides of a warehouse aisle, giving a human-like range of motion and mobility.

The theme of this year’s CeMAT is ‘Smart Supply Chain Solutions – Intelligent from production to order picking’. In the midst of Industry 4.0, logistics is becoming increasingly important, because the demands of flexible and accurate delivery are steadily rising. With its intelligent picking-robot Toru, Magazino facilitates these increasing demands as Toru works alongside people in the warehouse and can be deployed depending on the order situation.

The number of robots can be increased according to need or, in the case of declining order volumes, it can be reduced. Toru can not only handle existing shelves, but – thanks to computer vision – it can adapt to changes in the product range or the warehouse structure. That makes Toru an intra-logistics system with the highest flexibility.

At CeMAT there will be a demo-station where visitors can test the computer vision systems for object recognition and see the world through Toru’s eyes.

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February 26, 2016

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