Toyota launches new compact Traigo24 electric forklift


Toyota Material Handing UK has unveiled its new three-wheel electric forklift truck, the Traigo24. Designed for simple, straightforward operations in tight spaces, the models range from one to 1.5 tonnes and are available with energy-efficient Lithium-ion power and great ergonomics for increased productivity.

The extremely compact chassis design of this new 24-volt electric forklift makes it ideal in confined areas. Highly manoeuvrable, it is perfect for stacking loads in narrow aisles, even with the 1.5 tonnes model that has a new shorter chassis enhancing driveability and efficiency with the highest capacity.

There is currently a strong demand for electric CB forklifts, with many differing requirements from our customers, depending on the loads being handled, the working environment and the right energy solutions,” says Sam Gray, Toyota Materials Handling UK’s sales training & product development manager. “Whether it’s our recent Traigo80 trucks that truly allow customers to make the shift to electric power, without compromising on performance during intensive use or our new compact Traigo24 models that make it easy for customers with occasional use in compact applications, we are able to meet every need.”

Despite the Traigo24’s compact dimensions, the operator feels comfortable in the driver’s seat thanks to numerous ergonomic features that improve the working environment and productivity.  The integrated display provides key operational information within easy reach, such as lift height, load weight and mast position. The redesigned lower dashboard also helps to increase efficiency by providing excellent forward visibility. On top of this, more space has been created for the operator’s feet, with a new pedal layout, and a tilting steering column with position memory.

Additionally, drivers can choose from a range of controls that best fit their driving style: mini-levers, a multi-function control unit, or the standard driver-side levers.  All of these features contribute to improved productivity, efficiency and enhanced operator safety.

The 24-volt electric range is available with lithium-ion power technology as well as traditional lead-acid batteries. A choice of different Intelligent Energy Packs are available, based on high-density lithium-ion battery solutions from Toyota Material Handling. Allowing for maximum energy efficiency while reducing CO2 emissions and energy costs, the concept enables customers to calculate the optimum combination of battery and charger to suit working patterns, taking into account operating times and scheduled breaks during the normal working shift.  

The new exterior design gives the Traigo24 a ‘family look and feel’ in line with the Traigo48 and the recently launched Traigo80. Both the overhead guard and the counterweight have been redesigned to facilitate material handling operations specific to this truck. In addition to being able to operate inside and occasionally outside, the Traigo24 offers different cabin options such as a canvas cabin and a cabin without doors or front windshield and roof to guarantee optimal operator comfort and efficiency.

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