New I/O interface from Linak expands features and control options


Linak has unveiled its new, flexible I/O actuator. With its range of movement and choice of input control and data output, the actuator offers endless modifications for full control of the exact functionalities required. Input options enable adjustment and control of the electric actuator, while output data gives invaluable insights into application performance. 

With this new interface Linak’s ambition is to push the boundaries of what is possible when it comes to customising an actuator.

“We want to give our customers more control over the actuator, so they can build even better products,” says Markus Hofmann, product manager, SBU Techline. “This new interaction with an actuator will inspire our customers and help them to think outside the box when designing future applications.”

Tailor movement solution

The flexible I/O actuator enables easy finding of the features required to take control of linear movement. With I/O from LINAK, data-driven decisions are taken and data utilised for monitoring, diagnostics, or continuous improvements. The software allows customisation of the actuators providing the exact functionalities required while offering full control of the linear movement.

“The game-changing flexibility of a universal LINAK I/O interface, bringing innovative actuator ideas to life is simpler and more agile,” says Melanie Grohnheit, product manager, SBU Techline. “The comprehensive features of I/O give you the flexibility to configure and test your software settings again and again – without having to request a new prototype each time.”

The new solutions enables the customer to take control, configure parameters, and monitor the behaviour of the actuator via Actuator Connect after installing the configurator on a PC. The configurator allows you to customize the actuators providing the exact functionalities required while giving you full control of their linear movement.

Same quality, different levels

LINAK knows that not every project demands the full range of I/O options. Therefore, you get a choice of three levels of functionality: Basic, Full and Customised.

With I/O Basic, all the benefits from IC with the integrated H-bridge are available. When choosing I/O Full, testing and learning can be undertaken while exploring all the features of I/O. With I/O Customised, decisions can be based on these learnings. Here the functionality and design are preconfigured to meet customer needs.

To access all features, it is possible to upgrade to the full version directly from the LINAK Actuator Connect configurator.

Read more about the I/O actuator and the options that comes with it here.

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