Seegrid expands automated machine range


Seegrid has announced its progress in material handling automation with the launch of its latest self-driving vehicle.

The new vision-guided vehicle, the GT10 Series 6 Plus, is the latest addition to the company’s Smart Platform range of automated machines.

“We are committed to helping customers drive process improvement,” said Seegrid vice president of product Jeff Christensen. “The expansion of the Seegrid Smart Platform is designed around our top priority—helping customers increase efficiency, optimize their operations, and ultimately increase profitability.”

The vehicle raises the autonomy level of Seegrid self-driving vehicles by utilizing rear-facing sensors to detect obstacles while autonomously hitching to carts. This means it offers fully automated material movement from pick-up to drop-off, removing the need for human assistance to complete tasks and allowing companies to deploy employees to more value-added roles.

Data analytics update
At the same time, the company has also released its latest data analytics offering, the Seegrid Performance Report, which leverages data captured on self-driving vehicles.

Dashboard views provide customers with actionable insight into the movement of materials in their warehouse and the productivity of their entire fleet. Armed with this information, operators can track progress toward facility goals, analyze trends, and proactively optimize their operations.

Seegrid also provides improved insights into vehicle productivity with enhancements to its Seegrid Supervisor, the fleet management software that informs managers of material movement.

The software now manages more tasks, such as the automatic pairing of available vehicles with work tasks, standardization of vehicle behaviors, and auto-building route maps.

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