Sophisticated hydraulic brake system to debut at ConExpo


Carlisle Brake & Friction will show their new FutureBrake solution as part of the company’s hydraulic product range at ConExpo in Las Vegas this March.

Carlisle’s FutureBrake was developed in an effort to provide vehicle manufacturers with an opportunity to offer their customers unprecedented levels of control and enhanced levels of driver comfort in next generation off-highway vehicles.

The design of Carlisle’s FutureBrake system offers the off–highway sector an enhanced brake system functionality that has long been synonymous with the on-highway industry including; Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), Traction Control (TC), Hill Hold (HH), Steer by Brake (SBB) and Autonomous Vehicle Control (AVC).

The Carlisle FutureBrake features optional brake-by-wire functionality in order to simplify vehicle connectivity and deliver an improved user environment. FutureBrake’s modular configuration simplifies the vehicle system architecture and design across a fleet of vehicles, all while reducing the time and costs associated with testing and validation – the result is an increase in speed to market.

1100 Series Valve Upgrade

Over the past 20 years, Carlisle’s 1100 Series of full power valves have remained a reliable solution to manufactures of construction and industrial equipment.  At ConExpo Carlisle Brake & Friction will launch a newly updated range of 1100 Series valves that feature improvements in performance, functionality, fit and value in order to fully cater to the needs of today’s Off-Highway equipment. The new modular valve family consists of single, single tandem, hydraulically piloted and electro-hydraulically piloted valves to cater for a large variety of vehicle brake system configurations.

QuickFill boosted master cylinder

Carlisle’s QuickFill boosted master cylinder utilises Carlisle’s patented QuickFill technology to deliver significantly more oil volume to a vehicles brake system than can be achieved by a traditional boosted master cylinder. This enables Carlisle’s proven Booster technology to be extended to larger and heavier vehicle classes than was previously possible, enabling the equipment manufacturers to benefit from Carlisle’s best-in-class pedal effort and pedal feel.

Manufacturers can leverage the additional oil volume available from the QuickFill Booster to:

  • Increase in-axle wet brake running clearances, for reduced parasitic brake drag
  • Reduced vehicle fuel costs
  • Reduced pedal travel and pedal effort for reduced driver fatigue/ enhanced driving experience
  • Brake output pressures can be increased,
  • Secondary braking requirements can be achieved without the need for system accumulators –
  • Generating free space in engine compartment and reducing system complexity and cost

The QuickFill boosted master cylinder is available with a wide range of master cylinders and boost ratios, enabling the on-vehicle performance to be specifically tailored to suit the demands of each OEM and vehicle model – enabling a best in-class-driver experience to be achieved across the entire vehicle range. 

Next-gen friction materials

Carlisle Brake & Friction is excited to announce the launch of the company’s next-generation of friction materials, including N-680 and EPD (Energy, Power, Dense) for use in brake and transmission applications. The announcement marks the company’s largest advancement in friction material development during the past 15-years.

Carlisle’s next-generation friction technology offers a much higher energy capability and stability vs. previous premium grades of friction materials. The benefits of the new technology include:

  • Much higher abuse resistance for demanding applications.
  • Stable and predictable wear across multiple energy conditions – improving preventative maintenance planning
  • Much higher energy capacity – allowing for reduction in disc size, or number of discs required in the stack
  • Improved drive system power output – without the need to upsize drive components or systems

Paper friction

 Carlisle’s N-680 is the next evolution in wet paper friction material technology. This material offers up to 2X the energy capacity of current market leading materials: N-653 and N-670. N-680 friction material offers similar characteristics to N-653 and N-670 as a design replacement, with increased energy and stability. Overall, this material significantly improves upon Carlisle’s current market leading materials, in terms of friction stability, hot spots and NVH (noise, vibration, harshness). 

EPD Next-generation material

Carlisle’s EPD friction material family, represents the next generation of wet friction material development. EPD technology delivers advanced high energy performance, reduced wear, improved NVH, and improved material durability/ fatigue resistance vs. traditional wet friction materials. This material family set’s a new standard for energy management of friction materials in a wet application. Providing system design teams with the option to increase power output without adjusting system size, or the ability to reduce system component sizing, without sacrificing system power output.




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