Norrhydro opens new world-class production facility


The opening ceremony of a new world-class production facility for Norrhydro, specialists in high quality, customer-specific and energy-efficient hydraulic cylinders for mobile machinery, took place last week in Rovaniemi, Finland.

Construction of the new production facility started in May 2021 and was completed in August 2022. The whole production of the company has now been relocated into the new premises.

Improving hydraulic quality

Work safety is priority number one for the company; investments and improvements in the production have been done to further improve the wellbeing and safety of the employees. Flexible moving of the machines in the production premises is important, as well as utilisation of overhead crane rail both inside and outside.

Quality, cleanliness, and product flow are ensured by multiple investments in the latest technology, automation and fine-tuning of production processes. One of the all-time high investments of the company is the friction welding machine, furthermore there are new CNC machines, robotic paint shop and automated welding stations – just to mention few assets of the new production facility.

Cleanliness is taken to the next level, for example by sending all components to the assembly via washing and the final assembly can only be entered through a clean room. Furthermore, no wooden pallets are used in the production facility.

In addition to the current high-end hydraulic cylinder production, the new production facility will enable the serial production of the company’s digital solutions NorrDigi® and Electromechanical Actuator “Motiomax by Norrhydro”, as well as the production of accumulators.

Next-level sustainability 

Environmental aspects have been taken into account carefully since the very first design phase, also some pioneering solutions have been considered to reduce the environmental impact of production.

In terms of sustainability, the company will reduce its CO2 emissions by 20% compared to the old facility. The new facility also has a good energy efficiency, thanks to 1.000 solar panels installed on the roof of the new production facility as well as the recovery and re-use of the waste heat generated from the production.

Increased capacity for future growth

 Norrhydro is in a phase of strong growth and further internationalisation. The increase of productivity as well as new production technologies are extremely important to support the remarkable growth targets of the company. Especially digital solutions are expected to grow remarkably during the next coming years. In terms on hydraulic cylinders, the production capacity will be increased with 30% in the first step.

In the next coming years, the capacity will continue increasing year by year to reach the doubled capacity within couple of years. The capacity can be even further increased as the current building can be expanded and, on the other hand, the land site itself also enables additional construction.


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