Marzocchi reduces noise in gear pumps


Marzocchi has developed a noise-reducing gear pump suitable for fire resistant fluids.

The company believe the FTP pumps are the best solution for low pressure and lubrication applications, where low viscosity fluids are required, such as in the case of fire resistant fluids, oil or glycol emulsions.

Based on Elika gear technology, the system also reduces the noise level by an average of 15dBA compared with a conventional external gear pump.

Close cooperation with the engineering faculty of the University of Bologna in Italy, the pump is extremely efficient, while the Elika tooth profile, without encapsulation, significantly reduces pressure-oscillations and vibrations produced by the pump and transmitted to the other components, reducing the noise of the hydraulic system.

Product applications
Typical applications for the product are large lubrication systems, lubrication of the guides of machine tools or the lubrication and cooling of the tools themselves. Fire resistant fluids are used in cases where there is a possibility that a hydraulic fluid may encounter a source of ignition or the surface of very hot equipment.

This potential fire risk exists in applications such as die-casting operations, and continuous casting hydraulics in steel mills or presses that are operated near presses or ovens.

Marzocchi will exhibit the FTP pump at Bauma China which takes place on November 27-30.

Marzocchi reduces noise in gear pumps

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