Case delivers electro-hydraulic joystick levers for C-series graders


Case Construction is launching new joystick levers for the 836C and 856C motorgraders. The electro-hydraulic joystick controls deliver improved moldboard control, along with a range of steering upgrades which are an addition to the already great features of the grader.

The electro-hydraulic joystick control delivers a new level of moldboard control to the operator. The Electro-hydraulic joysticks are built into multi-adjustable armrests on each side of the operator’s seat.

Each joystick is equipped with multiple roller switches and push buttons, to control the working hydraulic and steering functions. The redesigned side console now contains additional switches that allows adjustments to the system as per the operator’s needs.

The new Joystick Steering allows the operator to steer the machine using the left-hand side joystick. All steering commands, including turning the front wheels, moving the frame articulation and setting the wheel lean are available through the joystick. The also new RTC function allows the operator to return all steering commands back to the centred position, by just pushing the dedicated button. This allows the operator to control the machine without having to take their hands off the joystick levers, reducing effort and increasing productivity.

Comfort Steering, when activated, reduces the number of steering wheel turns required to fully turn the machine. This improves fine control of the steering wheel and makes it easier to complete a full U-turn, with just a small turn of the steering wheel.

Combined Steering brings together the various steering commands into one control function. Once activated, front wheel steering, frame articulation and wheel lean work together as the operator turns the steering wheels or moves the joystick. This provides the operator with the ability to make narrow turns without having to think about which steering command to use individually.

Additionally, with activated TwinLift, operators have the possibility to move both lift cylinders by using just the right-hand joystick. TwinLift makes it easier for the operator to correct the moldboard position without having to work both joysticks. This feature also assists the operator, when grading a wider slope, as the operator can simply lift the moldboard with one joystick to reposition the machine for the next pass.

The Case C-Series graders are powered by the latest 6.7-litre six-cylinder FPT diesel engines. Using Hi-eSCR2 technology, they feature a maintenance-free Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCRoF) exhaust after-treatment system to comply with the European Stage V emissions standard. This combined system helps to create a compact engine compartment with exhaust temperatures in normal operation on average 200°C below that of a traditional particulate filter.

The engines are application-engineered specifically to work in a grader operation, where fast torque response is required to maintain high productivity levels. A Dual Power system offers increased engine output from fourth to sixth gear. In the case of the 836C and 836C AWD, the engine develops 102kW (138hp) in first to third gears, shifting to 115kW (156hp) in fourth to sixth ratio. For the larger 856C and 856C AWD, the engine develops 129kW (173hp) in first to third, lifting to 142kW (190hp) in fourth to sixth gears.



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