Fendt to unveil 900 Gen7 and and 1000 Gen3 updates at Farm Progress Show


AGCO has announces that Fendt 900 Gen7 Series and 1000 Gen3 Series tractors will include the new FendtOne operator station, and will debut at the 2021 Farm Progress Show in Illinois, USA, from August 31st to September 2nd.

Fendt continues to lead the way in designing high horsepower tractors to meet the needs of producers in North America. The new Fendt 900 Gen7 Series and 1000 Gen3 Series tractors feature the cutting-edge Fendt technologies that have created agile, crop-friendly machines that can handle any task a crop producer, large-scale cattle operation or custom farming operation faces.

Above: The Fendt 900 Gen7 Series tractors from AGCO now feature the FendtOne operator station, providing individually customised operation of the tractor

The latest innovation for Fendt tractors is the advanced FendtOne operator station, which provides producers with a streamlined and highly efficient work environment. FendtOne features up to three large, easy-to-read display screens, as well as a new multifunctional joystick and customisable control buttons built into the completely redesigned right-hand armrest, putting all tractor functions within arm’s reach. Both new series also come standard with five years of Fendt Connect telematics that allows an operator or their dealer to remotely monitor important machine data.

FendtONE is designed for convenience and simplicity

“The philosophy behind the FendtOne operator station is its simple design and function. Fendt has delivered technology that is easy to use by incorporating setup of all the tractor and implement functions through an intuitive touchscreen system,” says David Soliday, AGCO senior tactical marketing manager for tractors.

At the heart of the FendtONE operator station is a 12-inch LED touchscreen display mounted on the armrest, connecting the operator to all tractor functions. A second optional 12-inch display recessed into the roof liner can be pulled down when needed.

“The added display area is important for farmers who want to monitor many of Fendt’s smart farming programs, including ISOBUS for variable rate control or implement management; guidance with TI Headland; and more,” Soliday says.

The two displays are linked and synchronized, providing data in unison. Each display shows up to six panels of user-selected information. Combined, these features provide more than four times the display area than the previous operating system.

A 10-inch digital dashboard mounted behind the steering column enables operators to monitor real-time tractor conditions, including RPMs, speed, fuel level and other core functions.

Operators also benefit from the additional control options built into the armrest. These include two joysticks – a larger, multi-function joystick that controls tractor functions, including speed and cruise control.  Right next to it, the standard 3L joystick controls the hydraulics and up to 27 ISOBUS functions. The 3L joystick can be used to control a complex ISOBUS-compatible attachment such as a Momentum® planter or air seeder. There is no need for external joysticks if the attachment supports the AUX-N standard.

Above: the Fendt 1000 Gen3 Series tractors AGCO now feature the customizable FendtOne operator experience and redesigned operator station

1000 Series updates – new tires and a bolder footprint

The Fendt 1000 Gen3 Series includes four models ranging in power from 396 HP to 517 HP. These high-performance tractors are workhorses, designed for year-round work, including heavy tillage, planting, combine chaser work and large-square baling. Track width can be adjusted down to 60 inches for row crop applications.

All models in the 1000 Gen3 Series have received another upgrade – a new tire option. The Trelleborg VF “very high flexion” 480/95R54 tires are the largest tires offered on a row crop tractor and are designed with stronger, reinforced sidewalls.

“This allows for less air in the tire, allowing it to flex up and down more, giving the tire quite a bit bigger footprint, more grip and creating less surface compaction in the soil,” Soliday says. “We are limited on tire width for row crop tractors, so making the tire diameter bigger means more tire can touch the ground at any given time.”

The Fendt VarioGrip™ tire inflation and deflation system allows the operator to deflate the tire pressure from the cab with the push of a button. This Fendt-first innovation also allows automatic tire inflation before traveling down the road to improve handling and fuel efficiency. The Fendt 1000 Gen3 Series has a top road speed of 31 mph.

900 Series features – fuel efficiency, uptime and agronomic benefits

Complementing the larger 1000 Gen3 Series, the Fendt 900 Gen7 Series tractors include five models ranging from 296 to 415 HP. They are designed to specifically meet the needs of producers in North America and deliver unprecedented fuel efficiency, uptime and agronomic benefits. The 900 Gen7 Series has a wide range of implement connections at the front and rear to operate a varied combination of front and rear implements. Use the versatile tractor for a variety of jobs, including pulling a large square baler or planter, or for heavy work around livestock operations like spreading liquid manure and towing silage wagons.

The operating weights of the five Fendt 900 Gen7 tractors range from just under 25,000 lbs. up to 42,000 lbs. A convenient front mono-block ballasting system, with weights from 1,918 lbs. (870 kg) to 5,512 lbs. (2500 kg), lets the operator quickly re-ballast the tractor for the job at hand. Compact and agile, the 900 Series tractors have a narrow transaxle combined with pull-in turn action to allow them to maneuver in tight spaces with a shorter, smoother and more precise turn.

“The Fendt 900 Gen7 series also offers the Fendt VarioGrip tire inflation and deflation system,” Soliday says. “Deflating the tires before entering the field gives the tires up to 15 percent more tractive power and improved ground contact with reduced soil compaction. Inflating the tires back up improves handling and fuel efficiency at road speeds up to 31 mph.”

Fendt engine technology puts power where it’s needed

Fendt 900 Gen7 Series is powered by a six-cylinder, 9.0L MAN engine and the 1000 Gen3 Series by a six-cylinder, 12.4L MAN engine. The Fendt iD low engine speed concept allows the tractors to achieve greater torque at lower engine RPMs. It works in unison with the Fendt tractor management system (TMS) and the Fendt stepless VarioDrive™ continuously variable transmission (CVT). VarioDrive, controlled through the FendtONE’s new multi-function joystick, automatically diverts power between axles to reduce slip and lower overall fuel consumption. With this combination, the engine operates at a maximum engine speed of 1700 rpm, provides exceptional pulling power, uses less fuel and reduces wear on engine components.

Clean air, less dust

A new self-cleaning air filter system for the engine is now an option on both the 900 and 1000 Series tractors. This air filtration system blows compressed air back through the air filter in the opposite direction, helping to keep it dust-free even when the tractor is running.

Fendt gets a Gold Star for warranty

Each Fendt 900 or 1000 Series tractor is backed by the Fendt Gold Star Customer Care warranty. The full warranty covers the tractor for 3,000 hours or 36 months, with no deductible. It covers all scheduled maintenance, including the cost of oil, filters, belts and maintenance items during this time. In the rare case of a breakdown, Fendt dealers will take care of the parts support, while quickly diagnosing and repairing the problem to get the tractor back in the field, or provide a loaner guarantee if it takes more than 48 hours to complete a repair.

The Fendt network of dealers continues to grow and expand in North America, with more than 210 dealers currently supporting the brand. “Among other things, Fendt represents excellence and quality, and we are ensuring we uphold these values by putting the right dealers in the right places and giving them the support needed to succeed in our dealer network,” Soliday says.

The Fendt 900 Gen7 Series and 1000 Gen3 Series will be featured at the 2021 Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois, Aug. 31- Sept. 2 in AGCO lot #333,

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