Eberspächer to display range of thermal management solutions at EIMA in October


From 19 to 23 October 2021, thermal management titan Eberspächer will present its heating and cooling solutions for agricultural and forestry machinery at EIMA in Bologna, Italy.

With the new Airtronic 3, the company presents the third generation of its proven fuel operated air heater family. Another highlight is the new modular VK9 system offering powerful air conditioning and heating for driver’s cabs. With the K Protec, Eberspächer shows its pressurisation system for pollutant- and dust-free air.

Drivers of tractors, combine harvesters etc. have to be focused on their work even in hot or cool outside temperatures. Thus, optimal climate in the driver’s cab is very important. Fuel operated air heaters like the Airtronic are the optimal solution to (pre)heat the cabin to a comfortable temperature as well as offering pleasant warmth while the engine is turned off – for example, during break-times. With the third generation of the Airtronic, Eberspächer is relaunching its previous air heater family and taking it to a new technical level across all performance classes (2 to 8 kW).

The new generation combines state-of-the-art technology with proven functions. Depending on the version, the integrated altitude adjustment automatically adapts to altitudes of up to 5,500 meters. The product family consists of four model variants in a total of twelve versions to meet all application requirements. The Airtronic S3 for example is suitable for cabin heating of tractors. Eberspächer heaters can be controlled using the EasyStart Pro operating element, among others.

Modular heating and cooling systems
To provide powerful heating and cooling, the new VK9 modular heating and air-conditioning system for agriculture applications comes with a cooling capacity of 8 kW and a heating capacity of 9 kW. It is available in different versions for heating or cooling only or as combined HVAC variant – also as eHVAC for the use in battery electric vehicles. In this case, the cab is heated by PTC elements. Control can be done either by an integrated or remote control, depending on the application requirements. Thanks to its compact design and modular ducting and air distribution options, the VK9 is the perfect solution for any vertical HVAC integration. The HVAC management system KanBox enables the control of different HVAC components via CAN bus with the vehicle control panel as it integrates the HVAC to the vehicle diagnostic system. The system allows the vehicle operator to choose the individual preferred control option.

Pollutant- and dust-free air in the driver’s cab
Especially for the operation in agriculture applications, Eberspächer Kalori also offers cabin pressurisation systems. The K Protec is a filter system: An overpressure generated in the driver’s cab filters out pollutants and dust particles from the cab air, while the overpressure prevents them from even entering. K Protec enables cab certification in accordance with EN 15695 Category 4 and can be combined with HVAC systems from Eberspächer Kalori, like VK9 for example.


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