TE Connectivity releases tiny accurate humidity sensor


From refrigerators and respirators to HVAC systems and cabin comfort in vehicles, there is an increasing demand for humidity sensing technology and the need for smaller, faster, more accurate and energy efficient sensors, which provide better analysis of moisture control.

To address this trend, TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectivity and sensors, has released the HTU31 humidity and temperature sensor, one of the smallest and most accurate humidity sensors currently on the market.

Designed to meet environmental and end user expectations, HTU31 an ideal solution for appliance, consumer, industrial and medical applications. Key features of the HTU31 humidity and temperature sensor include:

  • Precision engineering: Designed with precision engineering, HTU31’s linear response enables optimal system performance. It keeps a strict linear response curve through humidity (0-100%) and temperature (-40° to 125°C), respectively.
  • Fast response time: HTU31’s humidity die structure enables fast response time (t63% in 5 sec). Even after condensation the response time is t63% in 10 sec, enabling sustained system performance.
  • High performance: HTU31 provides a specific die and IP67 rated sealing with filter options that enable sustained performance, low hysteresis and precise environment measurement even when exposed to high temperature, high humidity or condensation events.
  • Digital and analog versions: The HTU31 comes in a digital and analog version. The digital version offers two I2C addresses, which facilitates monitoring humidity and temperature in two locations using a single I2C bus line.

“The demand for smaller, faster, more accurate and energy-efficient sensors, which provide better analysis of moisture control, is on the rise,” said Kevin Kelley, humidity and speed product manager. “TE Connectivity’s precision engineering and more than 20 years of experience in humidity and temperature combination sensors has enabled us to develop HTU31, one of the smallest and most accurate temperature and humidty sensors currently on the market today. We are confident it is the solution our customers have been looking for when it comes to high-performing sensors with a miniature footprint.”

The HTU31 humidity and temperature sensor is available in small and large volumes to meet ever-changing customer demands.

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