New Massey Ferguson 6S Series joins the AGCO ranks


Following in the footsteps of the MF 5S, 7S and 8S tractor ranges Massey Ferguson has just launched the new 6S range based on a similar modern style.

Essentially replacing the MF 6700S Series, the five new MF 6S models are: MF 6S.135, MF 6S.145, MF 6S.155, MF 6S.165 and the MF 6S.180, with the last three numbers denoting the horsepower of each one. All MF 6S tractors are powered by the latest technology AGCO Power engines, which deliver maximum powers from 135hp to 180hp, with a power boost of between 15hp or 20hp, depending on model. Massey says its ‘All-in-One’ SCR system ensures the engines meet the strict Stage V emissions regulations.

Making the 6S tractors move is the seamless shifting from the Dyna-VT Super Eco, or the Massey Ferguson Dyna-6 Super-Eco, semi-powershift with AutoDrive. Both transmissions come with the unique MF Power Control lever on the left-hand side of the steering column, which provides clutchless shuttling, with an adjustable response.

Dyna-VT continuously variable transmissions are now equipped with a new Automatic Mode. Simply activated with a switch on the armrest, auto mode allows the operator to adjust forward speed with the Multipad lever or the foot pedal, while the engine speed is automatically regulated according to the load and speed.

The new Super Eco version of the Dyna-VT reduces fuel consumption by achieving 40km/hr at just 1,450rpm. The Dyna-6 Super Eco 24 x 24 semi-powershift transmission, achieves a top speed of 40km/hr at a low 1,500rpm and saves fuel. AutoDrive, standard on all models, automatically shifts speeds relative to the engine load and speed. Operators can also manually set the engine rpm at which changes are made.

Farmers working in specialist crops will welcome is the Super Creeper option, which provides precise control with speeds down to 70m/hr at 1,400m/s. All MF 6S tractors also provide the useful brake-to-neutral function, which also disengages drive when the brakes are applied.

Quieter cab

The MF 6S cab has new air conditioning to keep the cab cooler, while other changes now make it also a quieter (70dBA) workplace. They also have new features, controls, and connectivity, first introduced on the MF 8S.

Operators benefit from a new, more comfortable, standard air-suspended seat. A heated seat option, with real leather trim and improved ventilation, is equipped with DDS, Dynamic Damping System, with lateral stability suspension that responds automatically to the severity of the bumps.

For Exclusive and Efficient versions, there is also a new armrest, which is linked to the seat, containing everything operators need to operate the engine, transmission, hydraulics, linkage and PTO as well as switches for the radio and phone.

Further improving comfort is the optional mechanical or active mechanical cab suspension, as well as the suspended front axle option.

Loader operators will welcome the Visio Roof option, which greatly improves vision for handling work, providing a clear view of the load through the lift range.

Single-lever control

All main tractor functions are run from a single new Multipad, ISObus-compatible controller. This easy-to-use lever includes a new linkage control rocker switch, cruise settings, driving mode pre-sets and MF Guide activation. It also houses a micro joystick to control two electric spool valves.

Another, unique, multifunction joystick option offers simple, convenient control of the optional loader or front linkage. This not only operates the spool valves, but also enables operators to change direction and control the tractor speed.

Changes to the modern Datatronic 5 terminal include a brighter, new 9” touch-screen’s anti-glare surface, and easier access to new short-cut keys.

New for Exclusive and Efficient versions is a new option that enables the radio and mobile phone and play media be operated through the Datatronic 5 screen.

Also new is the MF E-Loader option that helps to increase loading accuracy, productivity and safety and provides control and setting of the new Bucket Shake facility. This enables operators to weigh individual fork or bucket loads and record the total weights of each item, load or job and these can be transferred as a simple spreadsheet.

Tech spec

Built on strong foundations and a 2.67m wheelbase, the MF 6S Series’ compact dimensions make the tractors highly manoeuvrable, with a turning radius of just 4.75m.

Weighing 400kg less than their six-cylinder equivalents, coupled with the powerful engines, the tractors offer the best-in-class power-to-weight ratio.

They are also immensely strong for their size, able to handle heavy payloads with a Gross Vehicle Weight of up to 12,500kg.

With up to 9,600kg rear linkage capacity and powerful, 110 litre/min closed-centre load-sensing hydraulics, the tractors will handle and operate a wide range of large, modern implements with ease. For those requiring more flow there is a 150 litre/min option Dyna-6 models, while Dyna-VT tractors, come with a 190 litre/min option.

MF 6S key features

  • Choice of five, compact, versatile four-cylinder tractors offering concentrated performance.
  • Powerful clean engines delivering 135hp to 180hp. All equipped with Engine Power Management (EPM) providing between 15hp or 20hp extra power, up to 200hp.
  • Operators benefit from superior control first seen on the award-winning MF 8S Series.
  • Easy to use new Multipad offers single lever, comprehensive control.
  • New, brighter and clearer Datatronic 5 touch-screen terminal is now even easier to use.
  • Top choice for all models of Dyna-VT Super Eco continuously variable transmission, with new Automatic Mode or 24 x 24 Dyna-6 Super-Eco, semi-powershift with AutoDrive.
  • Turning radius of 4.75m offers maximum manoeuvrability – the tightest available from any 200hp tractor.
  • Outstanding Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of up to 12,500kg and Gross Combination Weight of 44.5t.
  • Unrivalled loader performance from compact dimensions, tight turning and high specification with practical options and new MF E-Loader feature.
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