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Webtec reports that a growing number of design engineers are taking advantage of its custom products service. Over the past 12 months, the company has assisted dozens of customers in manufacturing a better hydraulic measurement or control solution by improving product fit, form or function to suit specific needs.

When it comes to hydraulic measurement and control products, there is often no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution available off-the-shelf. In situations where a ‘special’ is required, the hydraulic system designer has little choice but to seek out expert manufacturers able to provide custom solutions. However, as many subsequently discover, there are few companies able to deliver the required levels of expertise, quality and speed of turnaround to meet the demands of important hydraulic projects. Furthermore, many assume the process will be arduous, with high levels of complexity and long lead times.

Webtec takes a different approach, making the route to product customisation straightforward. In many instances, the company is able to take the best-fit standard product and customise it to provide optimum performance. As a result, hydraulic system designers no longer have to compromise on machine functionality.

Some of the bespoke products developed recently by Webtec have remained ‘specials’ for one customer, while others have been added to the company’s range as standard items. A good example of the latter is the CV120 combined flow, pressure and directional control valve for motors on mobile machines. The CV120 is very compact, where a variable priority flow divider is combined with a directional control valve in one body. This innovative design concept reduces both cost and size by reducing the required number of hoses and fittings, in turn allowing for a more compact installation.

Another example that outlines Webtec’s expertise in customisation is the FlowHUB ViscoCorrect for measuring the flow of both water and oil-based fluids, while a further bespoke product recently introduced to the standard portfolio is the super compact pressure-compensated Integrated Flow Control (IFC) valve. The IFC, which is designed for use inside a manifold, is ideal for applications such as hydraulic cylinders that need to extend or retract at constant speeds, or hydraulic motors required to rotate at constant speeds. When used with a fixed delivery pump, the excess flow is bypassed across a relief valve.

Offering further evidence of the increasingly popular Webtec custom products service is the CT turbine flow meter with J1939 CAN output for condition monitoring on mobile machines. Perfect for both OEM mobile and industrial applications, the CT meter assists users who need real-time continuous monitoring of hydraulic flow, pressure and temperature on high-pressure hydraulic systems. Providing closed-loop control, the meter is able to predict imminent hydraulic failure, or can be used for diagnostic fault-finding.

Confident that it can meet any bespoke requirements for hydraulic measurement and control, Webtec is encouraging engineers to discuss their projects by getting in touch.

As a final point of note, the company continues to offer calibration, repair, upgrade and trade-in options for users of its measurement products.

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