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The McCormick X7.624, one of five machines shortlisted for Tractor of the Year, was unveiled today to British audiences.

With up to 230hp for draft work and 240hp for pto-driven implements and road transport, the 624 VT-Drive is the most powerful model in the latest X7 Series. It also features lower running costs thanks to engine service intervals extended to 1200 hours, a more comprehensive 360deg LED lighting package set into a new cab roof panel, and new control features in the Premiere cab.

To emphasise their new levels of performance potential, the X7.6 VT-Drive tractors have a more purposeful chiselled-jaw appearance in the same style as the larger 264-310hp X8 VT-Drive flagship models.

Adrian Winnett, managing director of Argo Tractors operations in the UK and Ireland, said: “The push for more performance is relentless so Argo Tractors has taken the opportunity when switching to Stage V emissions-compliant engines to introduce more powerful VT-Drive models to the McCormick range.

“Our previous CVT models in the X7 Series peaked a 195hp; with the X7.624 VTDrive they go to 240hp, giving farmers and contractors a very powerful but versatile package with all the performance and driver-comfort attributes of a stepless transmission.”

The complete line-up of new McCormick X7.6 VT-Drive tractors comprises the X7.620 VT-Drive with 185hp draft power and 195hp for transport and pto-driven implements such as power harrows and tillers.

The X7.621 VT-Drive serves up 200hp and 201hp, while the X7.623 VT-Drive puts 215hp and 225hp at the operator’s disposal.

McCormick Betapower 6.7-litre engines by FPT are supported stress-free in a cast iron front chassis that also provides front-end weight for optimum traction, and Stage V emissions compliance is achieved through a revised SCR AdBlue injection system working in combination with a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) – no DPF is required.

The latest-spec engines also feature optimised fuel filters and a more comprehensive oil filtration system, which together with a new engine oil specification has allowed service intervals to be doubled from 600 hours to 1200 hours, making a significant contribution to reduced running costs.


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