Thomson extends actuator load capacity


Thomson has extended load capacity on its actuator line by 6kN; the Electrak HD electromechanical linear smart actuator can now handle loads of up to 16kN.

The new offering delivers heavy load-handling capacity comparable to hydraulic technologies but with greater controllability, smaller footprint and low maintenance.

“Hydraulic cylinder users are increasingly converting their hard-to-maintain, hard-to-control systems to low-maintenance electromechanical technology with onboard electronics,” said Chad Carlberg, product line manager – industrial linear actuators Americas, Thomson.

“By expanding our popular Electrak HD capacity to 16kN, we offer clean, compact and smart electromechanical replacement for hydraulic actuators in just about any size application. And along with that comes best-in-class electromechanical stroke length and durability.”

Hydraulic systems require the integration of many components, including a motor, pump, reservoir and hoses, as well as the cylinders themselves. Any control capability desired, such as position feedback or dynamic braking, requires additional equipment, and the fact that hydraulic systems are prone to leakage adds additional operating and maintenance costs.

Smart electromechanical actuators accomplish all operation and control functions with onboard electronics, dramatically reducing footprint, installation and maintenance costs.

Electrak HD actuators simply connect to a power supply and PLC or other control source to bring the benefits of onboard electronics to high-load applications for construction and agriculture, material handling, and factory automation.

By expanding from 10kN to 16kN and enabling that capability at stroke lengths up to 500mm, Thomson has also set a high performance and durability benchmark for electromechanical actuators with onboard intelligence.

Its minimum duty cycle of 25% among stroke lengths up to 500mm is the highest in the industry, assuring maximum continuity of operation with minimum current draw. For 16kN loads at those stroke lengths, Thomson also offers speed options up to at least 5mm/s.

January 26, 2018

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