Kahl and Goldhofer set heavy-haulage world record


Kahl and Goldhofer have combined to set a heavy-haulage transportation world record. The two companies cooperated to successfully move Siemens’ powerful transformer 1100 KV UHVDC with a deadweight of 535 metric tons across Nuremberg, Germany.

Kahl relied on two Goldhofer modules (up front a THP/ST 10 P (1+1) and at the back a PST/SL-E 10 P) along with the G2 I K600 high girder bridge. In total, with a length of 63m and a width of 7.45m and a height of 6.10m, the laden rig carried an overall weight of 875 metric tons from Siemens’ Nuremberg plant to the city’s port – setting a new world record in the process.

The cargo was secured with more than 30 chains, while Goldhofer’s easyTrack and easyLoad software was made use of to simulate the itinerary as realistically as possible during planning of the operation to ensure the cargo’s appropriate weight distribution and center of gravity.

The high girder bridge alone has been designed with a maximum configuration of two 24 axle lines and a maximum payload of 600 metric tons. Taking 20 hours to complete the journey, Kahl engineers were required to negotiate the Nuremberg streets overnight – including unforeseen obstacles such as an incorrectly parked truck.

“For such an operation, we obviously use the most innovative equipment in our fleet, in this case two Goldhofer modules coupled in parallel with, of course, the G2 I K600 high girder bridge from Goldhofer and Greiner. That ensures we can satisfy both the load-bearing requirements and the height restrictions along the route,” explained André Krause, project manager at the Kahl Group.

March 16, 2018

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