JW Speaker introduces new warning and projector lights for forklifts


JW Speaker Corporation has announced the launch of its new Model 560 Warning and Universal Warning Projector Lights to alert material handlers and jobsite workers of specific hazards in dangerous areas. The light displays clearly identifiable images — including a forklift, large exclamation point or customized image — to improve workplace safety.

“We created the Model 560 series of lights because our customers told us that they needed a bright and highly recognizable light projecting a ‘warning’ or safety message that is both hard to miss and impossible to ignore,” says Tim Speaker, CEO at JW Speaker. “We know that many workers – and even people on the street – tend to be desensitized to traditional warning lights in situations with a lot of commotion, loud machines and other work lights. The Model 560 cuts through the noise and demands attention with an unmistakable warning projection to help keep crews safer on site.”

The new Model 560 offers two distinct projections, including: A bright blue forklift image enclosed within a distinct red triangle. The Model 560 lights can be placed atop a forklift and display a projection several feet away to create a safe zone for workers, including other drivers.

There is also the option of an unmistakable universal warning of a large, red exclamation point within a red triangle. Workers and passersby can see the unmistakable warning projection clearly from many feet away — and steer clear of the area.

As an additional projection option, JW Speaker can customize images to alert those nearby that caution is needed. Companies can partner with JW Speaker to create the right visual representation of what to be looking out for.

Each projection can be displayed with steady, always-on projection, or users can choose from five flashing modes to draw more attention. Users can toggle between modes easily.

The Model 560 is designed for any work environment where safety is a top priority, including material handling, construction, agriculture, industrial, mining and other environments. The light can be installed atop forklifts, work vehicles and equipment to project highly visible images up to 15 or more feet away. It’s UL and CE compliant and IP67 and IP69K rated for nonstop projection even in rugged environments.


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