Hyster launches new flagship A Series lift trucks


Hyster has launched its new  A Series lift trucks, designed using A+ Logic, a fully integrated set of scalable and adjustable features that allow users to fine-tune the truck to match their specific application needs.

The Hyster H2.0-3.5A internal combustion lift trucks with capacities from 2 to 3.5 tonnes are the first trucks to be released in the series. Not only are they highly configurable, but the base models offer industry-leading fuel economy, excellent visibility, simplified service, and robust components that help prevent unplanned downtime.

“For the A Series, Hyster has revolutionised its manufacturing process to deliver the tough, high quality lift trucks that you expect, built around the particular needs of the intended application and the operator,” says Robert O’Donoghue, VP Marketing and Solutions EMEA, for Hyster.

With A+ Logic at the core, the A Series lift trucks can be easily configured to fit each customer’s unique needs, delivering superior performance for the specific operation as well as a low total cost of ownership. The scalable design philosophy makes it easy for customers to add the features that are needed for productivity in their operation and avoid paying for unnecessary options that increase cost without adding value.

“We have designed the trucks this way as no two customers face identical challenges,” says Robert. “With the Hyster A Series, instead of providing you with options for a truck we already built, we build the truck you need according to your duty cycle, environment, and tasks.”

The spacious operator cabin on the H2.0-3.5A trucks is specifically engineered to emphasise overhead, forward, and rear visibility and give the operator greater freedom of movement to help reduce strain on the body. This attention to design makes the lift truck comfortable and convenient to operate, helping to increase productivity across the whole shift. Additionally, there are available features including operator assistance systems and an innovative Dynamic Stability System (DSS) option.

All A Series trucks are also ‘telematics ready’ for use with the Hyster Tracker wireless asset management solution, which gives businesses the data needed to optimise their fleets, control costs, reduce downtime, and streamline maintenance even further.

The newly released models replace the Hyster Fortens and XT lift trucks at the same capacity. The A Series is expected to expand to include other Hyster IC lift trucks in various capacities in due course.

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