Clark launches new multifunctional order picker


Forklift truck specialist Clark Europe is expanding its product range in the area of warehouse technology by introducing a new order-picking vehicle. The COP1 is efficient at picking goods, and also proves it’s worth as rolling ladder or work platform thanks to the work platform that can be elevated. Compared to a conventional rolling ladder, the COP1 saves time by eliminating the need to climb up and down, and reduces the risk of an accident.

The flowing movement of the Clark COP1 allows it to lift and be driven simultaneously, which saves time and ensures high productivity. It can therefore can be used not only in wholesale and retail, distribution and in the food and beverage industry, but also offices, hotels, museums, hospitals or in trade fair construction. When deployed inside and on level floors, the vehicle can be safely and efficiently fill shelves, conduct inventory, decorate rooms, mount signs, replace light sources or complete cleaning and repair work.

The multifunctional order picker has both a drive motor with 0.65 kW and a lift motor with 2.2 kW. It comes with a maintenance-free 24 volt battery (120 Ah) that provides sufficient energy for one workday as standard equipment. The battery can be recharged with an integrated charger at any 230 Volt socket. The charging cable is integrated into the vehicle. If the use requires higher availability, the COP1 can also be optionally equipped at the factory with an available lithium-ion battery with 120 Ah, so break times can be easily used for interim charging. Neither battery version needs charging rooms or ventilation systems, as the charging process generates no gases.

The height-adjustable shelf of the COP1 has a 90 kg carrying capacity. The lower shelf can carry an additional 110 kg. With the work platform, the operator can go up to a maximum lifting height of 2,990 mm and reach a height of up to 5 m. The maximum driving speed of 6 km is adapted to the lifting height. Easy-to-reach switches allow safe and productive working when driving diagonally. The vehicle’s manoeuvrability is worth a special mention, as the COP1 turns on the spot. Its total width of only 750 mm and turning radius of just 1,260 mm allows the vehicle to be easily manoeuvred in narrow aisles or confined work areas – even narrow doors of up to 80 cm are no problem.

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