Schaffer launches ‘world first’ electric telescopic wheel loader


Schaffer used the EuroTier Show in Germany as its launch pad to introduce two new loaders to the market, the compact 1622 model and the 23e T, the latter claiming to be the world’s first electric-drive telescopic wheel loader.

New Schaffer 23e T

The new 23e T is able to lift loads to a height of 3.72m and is powered by a new-generation battery of 31.3kWh, which allows for up to eight hours of working time.

The machine is powered by two e-motors; one 21kW motor that drives the wheels, accelerates rapidly to 20km/h and generates high thrust forces, and a second 9.7kW motor that powers the remote hydraulics for up to 42l/min oil flows and fast work cycles.

The maintenance-free lithium-ion battery comes with a 5,000-hour or five-year warranty, depending on which comes first. Charging the battery to 80% takes about eight hours if using the onboard 3kW charger that is connected to a 230V/16amps mains socket.

An 11kW Wallbox will cut this charging time to 80% down to a little more than two hours. The tipping load of the 2.8t machine is 1.3 tonnes and, thanks to its articulation, it turns through a tight 1.15m. Depending on the tyres fitted, the 23e T measures 1.41m to 1.59m in width and 2.19m or 2.14m in height, depending on whether a driver protection roof or cab is fitted.

Compact 1622

Above: the new 1662 features a 16.2kW/22hp Kubota engine

The 1622 has an operating weight of 1,250kgs, its overall length including bucket is just 3.05m, build height of 1.99m and widths start at 95cm.

The 16.2kW/22hp Kubota engine is a Stage V engine. The drive benefits from proportional hydrostatic drive pedal to accelerate to 16km/h.

Lifting loads of up to 810kgs, the multifunction loader raises cargo to a height of 2.23m. Its standard hydraulic pump delivers an oil flow of 28l/min to the attachments whereas the optional Schäffer Multi-High-Flow (MHF) pump supplies 40l/min.


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