Genie introduces lithium-ion option for scissor lifts


In response to a growing global demand for cleaner, quieter, low-maintenance equipment that can withstand the rigours of construction jobsites, Genie is excited to introduce its new Lithium-Ion battery option for GS E-Drive slab scissor lifts.

Rigorously tested for longevity and reliability — even in extreme environments — Genie Lithium-Ion batteries have been specifically designed for MEWPs and are certified by the independent certification organisation Underwriters Laboratory (UL) against fire, electric shock and explosion.

“Today’s electrified equipment doesn’t just reduce emissions. In many cases, it also performs better and requires less maintenance. That said, battery maintenance and replacement is still one of the biggest ongoing expenses for scissor lift owners. Genie Lithium-Ion reduces those costs by eliminating battery maintenance and replacement. Purposefully designed for use in MEWPs, Genie Lithium-Ion is the only battery you’ll need for the normal life of your scissor lift,” says Christian Dube, Genie product manager.

The zero-maintenance Genie Lithium-Ion battery’s fully-sealed IP67 housing protects it from water and dust contamination. Based on extensive testing, it has an expected lifespan of about 10 years and comes with a best-in-class five-year warranty. Introduced in 2020, Genie E-Drive scissor lifts are already low-maintenance machines with brushless, fully sealed AC drive motors and 70% fewer hydraulic hoses and fittings.

Genie’s E-Drive Lithium-Ion scissor lifts reduce maintenance costs by an additional 11% compared to flooded lead acid (FLA) batteries because the Lithium-Ion batteries do not need to be watered or replaced.

On the jobsite, E-Drive Lithium-Ion scissor lifts offer superior productivity and performance, even in extreme temperatures ranging between 120° F / 49° C to -20° F / -29° C.

“When in use, electric machines with a standard FLA battery usually generate enough heat in the battery to continue working. However, most people aren’t continuously lifting or driving; they’re stopped and doing work, allowing the FLA batteries to cool. As the FLA battery gets colder, it delivers less energy, which means the operator needs to take a break and move the lift into a warmer environment,” Dube says. “Genie Lithium-Ion batteries have built-in heaters that maintain the proper temperature, even when the scissor lift is stationary. This allows the operator to work continuously, without taking a break to warm up the battery — a real productivity benefit in a cold environment.”

Genie GS E-Drive Lithium-Ion scissor lifts can be recharged in just four hours, which is 33% faster than a standard FLA battery, and partial charges won’t damage the Lithium-Ion battery. This allows operators to charge a lift during breaks or over lunch in the event the machine didn’t get charged the night before, or if it is being used for a second shift.

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