New Rota tank sensors offer robust accuracy


Tank level sensors can be categorised as single ‘point’ level measurement sensors which are used to mark a single liquid level. This could be an alarm, alerting the user to an overfill scenario, or in the case of a hydraulic oil tank when the level runs dangerously low and the pump is at risk of running dry.

Level transducers are more complex as they measure liquid level within a given range, translating that physical level into an analogue or digital output. Many tanks are equipped with high- and low-level point sensors as well as pressure-based, liquid level monitoring which are difficult to calibrate and influenced by temperature fluctuations.

Installing a single Rota TL sensor means the customer can dispense with high, low-level alarms and less accurate, volumetric, pressure-based transmitters. Rota TL series liquid level transducers have been specifically designed for tank level monitoring to withstand both physical abuse and exposure to dust, water and chemicals.  They are ideal for fuel, hydraulic oil, chemical, AdBlue, lactic acid and brine tanks.

Above: the Rota TL series liquid level transducers have been specifically designed for tank level monitoring to withstand physical abuse and exposure to dust, water and chemicals

Knowing exactly how much liquid is left in the tank is increasingly important as farmers and contractors look to make cost-savings. Returning to base to refill may be avoidable if there is confidence in the liquid level monitoring system. Greater accuracy is key. The TLT’s 0.3mm resolution on stroke and +/-3°C on temperature indication fulfils this requirement, providing confidence in the field.

Rota’s unique 2-in-1 position and temperature TLT sensor requires just a single installation point, meaning potential reduced costs. One sensor can now replace two, sometimes three sensors in a hydraulic tank application.

Other Rota benefits include possible reduction on power budget. Our TLT with temperature draws 1/4 Watt at 12 VDC. This is important when multiple sensors are installed on a machine such as a crop sprayer as it helps to reduce the load on the battery and alternator.

Flexible Rota factory design allows for end user customisation. A choice of mounting heads and electrical terminations are available. Flange mount or M33 threaded heads can be selected and the customer can choose between Deutsch DT/DTM, M12, AMP and Amphenol connectors as standard.

Capable of 75 g shock and 25 g vibration with greater than 60-year MTBF for long life. All welded, rugged stainless-steel construction. IP69K OPEN FACE (DT & M12 only), high pressure washdown compatible, Rota’s TL series are engineered to withstand the rigours of mobile applications.

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