Marzocchi to showcase micro gear pumps


Marzocchi Pompe will be showcasing its latest gear pump technologies at the CTI Symposium next week.

The company has for the past 50 years been a leading supplier of the systems in industrial and off-highway mobile applications and will be presenting in Berlin, Germany, starting on Monday, December 3.

The characteristics of quality and reliability allowed the firm to also gain a share in the automotive market, where the most suitable range of displacement goes from 0.12cc/rev up to 8cc/rev which is widely appreciated in applications where a mini powerpack is required.

The family of E05 pumps has been specifically designed to be integrated into assemblies of automatic transmissions, semi-automatic clutches, electro-hydraulic power steering, all-wheel drive systems, assistance in hybrid-type propulsion, suspension systems and rear-steering trucks.

The main parts of the pump, before being physically built, have been subjected to structural verification through FEA simulations, in order to pre-check the structure of the pump subject to the stresses of work and also to verify the behavior during the most critical stages of the manufacturing process.

The complete range of Marzocchi micro pumps will be at Stand K13.



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