EXCLUSIVE: Webtec launches all-new CV120 combination valve at Hillhead 2018


Webtec used the Hillhead industrial vehicle show in Derbyshire, UK, this week (June 26-28) to launch a completely new product – the CV210 hydraulic valve, which combines a variable priority flow divider with a directional control valve in one body.

The CV120 valve is a very compact valve where a variable priority flow divider is combined with a directional control valve in one body. The CV120 flow control utilizes the design and components from the established VFD120 series. This results in good flow to pressure characteristics allowing a consistent flow independent of load pressure. The directional control element uses a hardened alloy steel spool with a number of control options and types available.

“We are very proud of this new product and are launching it for the first time here at Hillhead as one particular use is in machines used in the quarrying industry,” Webtec’s mechanical engineering manager Andy Peacock told iVT at Hillhead.

“Combining the two functions in one valve is a first for us, which reduces both cost and size by reducing the required number of hoses and fittings and allows for a more compact installation.”

The valve has two pump inlets and two tank outlets which allow the plumbing to be connected either from the side or top of the valve. It also features a full-flow pilot operated relief valve which protects the A and B regulated ports.

It is also possible to connect valves in series using a HPCO coupling. If a HPCO (fitted to T1) is installed for the use of downstream valves, a second pressure relief valve is required to control the pressure out from the HPCO. In this instance the two relief valves work independently of each other.

Maximum Operating Pressure: 250 bar (3600psi)
Total Flow Capacity: 120 l/min (32 US g/min)
Regulated Flow Capacity: 0-95 l/min (0-25 US g/min)
Porting: 3/4” BSPP
Material: Steel components in cast.
Iron body: aluminium knob
Weight: 8.9 kg (19.5 lb)
Mounting: 2 Bolt M8 or 5/16” fixings
Clearly marked single-turn hand dial permits fast visual adjustments to pre-determined ‘Priority’ flow.

Webtec launches all-new CV120 combination valve at Hillhead 2018

CV120 combination valve

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