Coronavirus: Wandfluh promises quick reaction times to protect supply chains


As the world grapples with the challenges of the Covid-19 outbreak, hydraulic valve manufacturer Wandfluh is promising to maintain quick turnaround times for its customers in order to keep production lines rolling.

Short decision-making paths and fast reaction times to changing situations are the major challenges that the industry faces today. Wandfluh is well placed to react in the current crisis as it has always introduced processes in such a way that its product development and production takes place within a short time.

Standard valves are available in 3 – 4 weeks. Express orders are ready in a few days and special valve adjustments go through their own development and manufacturing process. Designed for high flexibility and fast actions.

Wandfluh has a high vertical range of manufacture and an optimum modular design of the valves in order to react quickly to the various requirements with regard to variants and fast deliveries. Individual parts are manufactured in large batch sizes. Assembly and testing is carried out “just in time” on the basis of the orders received.

Some companies quote 20 – 30 weeks delivery time, Wandfluh delivers standard valves and electronics within 3 – 4 weeks ex works. For special valves and larger orders it is a quick 9 – 11 weeks.

The supply chain focus is on proportional valves (including electronics) and valves with explosion protection. These valve parts are actively managed and replenishment is continuously guaranteed.

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