Operator comfort top priority in new SDLG cab


SDLG Indonesia is launching a newly designed cab for the G9138 motor grader. With enhanced visibility and an easy-to-use instrument panel, the dust-proof and air-conditioned cab helps workers battle Indonesia’s tropical heat.

“Greater visibility from the cab is made possible with a larger frameless front glass design,” said Aldrin Nurdin, business manager at SDLG. “A centralised control station and instrument panel also makes operation easier.”

The enhanced cab on the G9138 includes an indicator to help operators visualise the blade’s position, making work more efficient and preventing avoidable damage to the equipment. As with other SDLG motor graders in Indonesia, the G9138 works with 30 percent bio-fuel and meets Indonesia’s B30 mandate.

For superior machine control, the G9138 motor grader features new rocker switches and layout. Other design changes include a larger engine hood opening, the placement of the air filter on the rear, and a hydraulic oil gauge on the outside of the cab for simple maintenance – a hallmark of SDLG equipment. The new cab is covered by SDLG’s standard one year/2,000 hours warranty.

The G9138 is one of the most popular motor graders in Indonesia with more than 130 currently working on projects around the country. SDLG’s machines are known for their reliable operation, robust performance and fast return on investment and the G9138 offers all of this and more. The highly maneuverable machine also gives the operator precise control through a fully digital instrument panel that includes electronic monitoring. The integrated panel offers straightforward inspection and maintenance.

“What we like about the SDLG motor graders is that they have fewer electronic parts and are, therefore, easier and cheaper to operate and maintain,” said Hadi Pitono, owner of PT Classic Prima Sejahtera, a contractor in Indonesia which is using the G9138 for road maintenance in Balikpapan.

Adding to the motor grader’s operability is its swing frame, which lends flexibility to the machine in meeting various work demands. The articulating swing frame’s movements allow the blade to generate more power and carry a heavy windrow. It also allows the motor grader to make turns at more acute angles for close-quarter work or smaller roads. For greater durability and easier operations over its working lifetime, the swing frame’s composite bearing is lubrication and maintenance-free.

With an overall working weight of 12,000 kg, the G9138 is powered by a Weichai Deutz WP6G140E22 engine that has an output of 105 kW at 2200 rpm. Complemented by a Hangchi YD13 transmission system, the G9138 is able to reach maximum forward and backward velocities of 34 km/h and 28 km/h respectively. The motor grader can deliver up to 77.5 kN of traction force.

All this combines to deliver power to a moldboard which measures 3048 mm by 610 mm by 16 mm. The G9138’s blade can cut depths of up to 575 mm and be used to create bank slopes of up to 90 degrees. The sliding range of the blade is 500 mm, while it can be inclined up to 47 degrees forward and 5 degrees backward. Maximum gradeability in travel is 20 degrees.

For customers not wanting the optional cab, SDLG will continue to offer a steel canopy as standard on the G9138.

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