Yanmar CR series already fully compliant with EU Stage V


Yanmar customers with TNV-CR series industrial diesel engines are prepared already for the introduction of EU Stage V regulations in 2019 (click here for more on this topic). 

Today’s entire range complies with this next regime proposal, announced by the European Commission last September. It is also compliant with the Swiss OAPC ordinance regulations. Such conformity means that, for OEMs already using Yanmar TNV-CR engines, no change at all would be necessary to comply with the incoming regulation.

There are six families of engines in the Yanmar TNV-CR series, a mix of three- and four-cylinder water-cooled diesels, direct injection, and ranging from 19kW to 56kW. The furtherance of environmentally friendly technology has long been part of Yanmar’s corporate philosophy and the diesel particulate filter (DPF) solution to clean up exhaust emissions was adopted to pre-meet EPA Tier 4, EU Stage IIIB and NTE high altitude criteria.

DPF regeneration control enables Yanmar to achieve extremely low lube oil dilution by fuel oil, lower fuel and lube oil consumption overall, extended particulate filter durability, and longer maintenance intervals. In conjunction with DPF, and to combat clogging and cleaning downtime, Yanmar has successfully developed an exclusive regeneration system, with patterns easily selectable according to the operational period and load involved. Currently, Yanmar engineers are evaluating new approaches to DPF cleaning in order to further improve levels of servicing requirements.

In 1996 Yanmar became the first manufacturer to have a diesel engine certified under the EPA process. It was the first to be certified by the California Air Resources (CARB) standard for diesels in the 19-56kW range. 

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