Efficiency and safety vehicle solutions demonstrated on Hyster’s Rhine Tour


Hyster is celebrating the success of its Rhine Tour, which welcomed hundreds of guests in four countries – the Netherlands, France, Switzerland and Germany. During the tour, the challenges and opportunities for inland terminals were explored.

Demonstrations on the Hyster Rhine Tour showed how cameras, such as those manufactured by partner Orlaco, can help to optimize visibility for truck operators. Whether used in ports or in warehouses, cameras can support awareness, efficiency and damage reduction – in turn minimizing costs.

The Radar Eye active detection system, which uses an alarm to alert drivers to obstacles, was showcased, as were explosion protection conversions and solutions, such as those from Hyster partner Pyroban.

A H11XM-eECD8 empty container handler with a three-stage tilt back mast

“No matter the size of the truck or the application, we always consider what choices and options can best meet specific operational challenges,” said Nailer. “So, on the Rhine Tour we showed everything from an S1.6IL pedestrian stacker truck – which can be equipped with a thin-plate pure lead NexSys battery from our partner Enersys – to a Hyster RS46 ReachStacker.”

Reducing tire wear is one way in which cargo-handling environments can achieve low maintenance costs. During the Rhine Tour, Continental tires were seen on Hyster ReachStackers and empty container handlers, to demonstrate options for robust, factory-installed tires require less maintenance.

In addition, the Hyster stabilizer, shown on a RachStacker during the tour, can further reduce tire wear. Its patented design has been shown to improve side stability by placing 25% of the load weight onto the front axle, and it improves tire life by placing less weight on the rear axle.

“Inland terminals are all very different, so it’s vital to not only select the right materials handling equipment, but also the most suitable options beyond the trucks themselves,” said Mark Nailer, industry manager for Hyster Europe. “Many of the diverse options showcased at the events can be applied across various types of trucks in many different industries, to help maximize efficiency and maintain a low cost of operation.”

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