TLX Technologies develop revolutionary failsafe latching solenoid


TLX Technologies has developed a new latching solenoid package that provides failsafe operation and yet only needs single polarity to operate. The solenoid will actuate when power is applied and latch in the actuated position with no power draw. Once the power is removed, the solenoid will return to its normal position.

Latching solenoid technology offers an efficient, electromagnetic solution with a nominal power draw but traditionally has a couple of drawbacks. Once a latching solenoid moves to the latched position, it requires a reverse polarity signal to return to the starting position. The signal frequently comes from the engine control module often requiring a separate circuit to provide the reverse polarity signal.

Additionally, if there is a control or electrical failure, the solenoid will remain in the latched position. Failsafe operation, critical in many applications, is not part of typical latching packages. For the multitude of applications requiring a failsafe, on-off actuator, a continuous duty solenoid has been the only option. Continuous duty means there is a constant power draw.

TLX Technologies’ solution now combines all the advantages of solenoids with a highly-efficient, integrated position control technology and functional zero power draw.

The TLX solution is available as normally open or normally closed and is scalable to size and performance requirements. TLX engineers work directly with customers to tailor the solenoid and integrated controls to particular specifications.

No complicated controls are needed. In fact, the simplified controls reduce the overall system complexity and the integrated supervision can provide state feedback if required.


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