Zetor Tractors launch their new Major HS tractor


Zetor Tractors have introduced a new model, the Major HS. The new tractor is an addition to the Major range and meets the requests of customers seeking comfort and lower operation costs from this category of tractors.

The Major model range, launched in 2013, is popular among customers because of its simple design, versatility, reliability, robustness and low operation costs.

The new Major HS employs has a four-cylinder engine with displacement of 2.9 litres and power of 76 hp. The core innovation of the tractor is the gearbox with 24 gears forward and 12 reverse. Four gears of the gearbox are supplemented with three groups and two-stage PowerShift. In addition, the Major HS is equipped with hydraulic PowerShuttle which allows a change of direction under loads. The maximum speed of the new tractor is 40kph, i.e. by 10kph higher than in the CL model. The minimum speed is 0.5 kph. Major HS has six gears within the working range from 4 to 12 kph. The tractor also employs hydraulics with mechanical regulation, which has above-standard high lifting power (up to 33 kN, 3,300 kg) and fluid lowering regulation, including the function of hydraulics lock in travelling position.

“So far, the Major model range has offered only one type of tractor with a four-cylinder engine and power of 61 or 76 hp. Mechanical gearbox with 12 gears forward and 12 reverse, maximum speed of 30 kph and mechanical hydraulics with manual control turned Major into a simple but durable assistant of the farmers,” says Robert Todt, sales and marketing director of Zetor Tractors a.s.

The tractor cabin offers sufficient space. The new steering column can be adjusted in two directions with the steering wheel, and a new dashboard, along with an even more comfortable seat with horizontal turning capacity, ensure comfort for the tractor operator.

The controls inside are located so that they are in easy reach for the operator. The Major HS is also equipped with passenger seat, storage space, and the new dashboard can be configured to display specific data. The Major HS has eight lamps that can provide lighting when it is operating in the dark.

The Major HS is equipped with rotating front mudguards. The tractor is also comes with front loaders from the Zetor System.

“The larger fuel tank with the volume of 120 litres allows the Major HS to work for a longer time without breaks,” says Robert Todt. “It is a versatile assistant that can be used both in small and middle-sized farms in the area of animal breeding and plant growing, or in municipal service respectively,” says Todt. “Our design is a reaction to the wishes and remarks of our customers.”

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