BKT develops range of tractor tires specifically for soil tillage operations


Tire manufacturer BKT is showcasing its range of tractor tires for soil tillage operations, which make it possible to quickly transport very heavy loads, offering a tangible contribution to the farmer’s work and optimizing the productivity of the farm.

The Agrimax Force tire (above) is a winning combination of flexibility, efficiency and productivity. It possesses all the ideal characteristics for equipping high-power tractors, working a low inflation pressures, which mean the vehicle exerts minimal pressure on soil, so avoiding unnecessary compaction, which can reduce soil fertility. The tire is available in 13 different sizes.

Another tire in the range is Agrimax RT 855, a tire that stands out for its driving comfort, best traction and excellent self-cleaning features, in addition to fast transfer from field to road. High load capacity and outstanding flotation on the soil complete the distinctive features of this tire, perfect for preserving crop productivity. The tire is available in 44 different sizes.

Next in the range is the Agrimax RT 765 (above), the ideal line for tractors engaged in heavy-duty operations, thanks to it exceptional resistance against cuts and wear. The highest efficiency combined with excellent traction and minimum soil compaction for maximum gentleness with the crops. Agrimax RT 765 is available in 34 sizes.

Other tires in the range include the RT 857, RT 657, RIB 713 and AW 711, each have their own specific advantages for use on tractors involved in soil tillage operations, from reducing soil compaction and increasing tire durability to improving fuel economy.

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