Liebherr launches Pulser reachstacker series


Eleven years after the delivery of its first reachstacker, Liebherr Maritime Cranes launched the new Pulser reachstacker series at TOC Europe 2015 this month.

The first model, type LRS 545, provides an efficient link between quay and yard, standing for productivity through agility, with a compact design that unites state-of-the-art technology and environmental friendliness.

“The Pulser reachstacker series is the new cargo handling partner for ports and terminals. Its wedge-shaped design provides the desired agility for smooth container operation. With the latest technology on board, the new machine truly quickens the pulse of every terminal,” says Matthias Mungenast, sales director, Liebherr mobile harbour cranes and reachstackers.

The LRS 545 is designed for highly responsive operation. Having departed from the ‘banana boom’ – see – the machine stacks five containers high in the first row, where it is capable of handling 45 tonnes, and 31 tonnes in the second row. It comes with a total weight of approximately 70 tonnes, for an optimal balance between stability and quickness.

It is equipped with a powerful but economical 4-cylinder 230 kW diesel engine, an in-house developed motor in compliance with the latest EU Stage IV / EPA Tier 4 final emission standards.

An optional hybrid drive allows for even more power. Liebherr Maritime Cranes’ unique Pactronic is available for the Pulser series. The well-proven hybrid power booster has already been used worldwide in mobile harbour cranes for five years. Installed in the new reachstacker, the maintenance-free Pactronic allows for an additional 110 kW without fuel consumption or emission.

The complete design of the new reachstacker series is based on the latest technology in order to maximise driver’s comfort, performance and eco-friendliness. Driver comfort was high in rank during the development phase. A convenient and ergonomic cabin reduces fatigue and leads to greater safety as well as performance in operation. The customer can opt for a steering wheel or go for an additional steer-by-wire control.

“Visibility, driveability and comfort, that’s what drivers can expect from our new Pulser series. This allows for high performance in a relaxed manner,” says Mungenast.

The drive mechanism of the new machine is characterized by a hydrostatic transmission. This allows for stepless speed control with optimized diesel revolutions per minute, which means operators benefit from reduced fuel consumption. Moreover, the hydrostatic transmission requires less service than alternative concepts.

Each wheel of the new reachstacker is steered separately, which directly improves the agility of the machine as smaller radii are possible. Thanks to individual wheel drive, wear and tear of each tyre is reduced. Additionally, the stress on each component of the steering system is kept as low as possible for a longer service life.

The new reachstacker is designed for low maintenance, with every part of the machine easily accessible and within reach, for a fast and stress-free service.

The Pulser range will be further expanded in the long run.

June 12, 2015

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