Kobelco launches new next generation machines


Kobelco Construction Machinery Europe B.V. (KCME) has announced the introduction of two new models to its range, adding to the arrival of the Kobelco SK140SRLC-7 and SK130LC-11 earlier this year.

The ED160BR Blade Runner offers increased productivity and efficiency on job sites by enabling operators to excavate and dozer terrain all with one machine, whilst the all-new ED160BR-7 – which is now available in Europe – builds on the success of its predecessors to deliver further improvements through excellence in operability, comfort and design.

The multipurpose ED160BR-7 Blade Runner can cover a large range of applications including landscaping, land clearing and maintenance of forestry roads, and its short radius design makes it particularly suited to small or confined job sites. The machine’s large capacity, six-way dozer blade has Power, Angle and Tilt capability (PAT) so it can be angled 25 degrees to the left or right for moving earth out of the operator’s path, while its tilt function is ideal for slope grading and ditches.

The SK140SRL-7 is a logging specification variant of the next generation SK140SRLC-7, and has been designed to deliver greater efficiency and productivity with increased power and speed, as well as improvements in design for enhanced operator-based comfort and safety. This machine also incorporates a number of important features that enable it to provide exceptional performance in forestry and logging, including a longer crawler length of 3,790mm and wider shoe (900mm) to provide low ground pressure (28kPa) on soft ground, and top class ground clearance of 580mm (compared with 425mm on the conventional SK140SRLC-7) for smoother travel and easier manoeuvring.

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