Huddig launches full hybrid technology for backhoe loaders


Huddig has launched Tigon Technology – a full hybrid technology it says will revolutionize the construction machinery industry, change the way in which machines are built in the future, and provide up to 30% greater output than a diesel engine alone is able to produce.

This hybrid technology, which combines diesel and electric power, generates and regenerates energy in a way claimed to have never before been possible for construction machinery. The diesel engine powers three EMGs (electric motor-generators) which supply power to the pumps for the operating hydraulics. If necessary, the EMGs can charge a lithium battery. In a different operating situation, the EMGs use the output from both the diesel engine and additional output from the battery to supply higher output power than that supplied by the engine on its own. The energy from the diesel engine and/or the battery (via a charging socket) can be used in any way for the operating hydraulics or for propulsion, and both the operating hydraulics and transportation can be powered solely using electric power when required.

The EMGs are much more efficient than a conventional mechanical powertrain, and as the propulsion EMGs are connected directly to the wheels via hub reductions, the losses are minimal. (Click here for Huddig’s hybrid backhoe loader videos). 

“Tigon Technology is the result of several years of development in close cooperation with world class component suppliers. What’s unique about Tigon Technology is not the separate components, but the way in which we combine them and control them via our management system,” explains Daniel Åkerström, development manager for Tigon Technology at Huddig.

Tigon Technology gives a backhoe loader higher efficiency and improved performance. This results in lower fuel consumption, greater output, higher torque, a quieter machine and a more environmentally friendly way of working.

“It feels fantastic to finally show the world what we have been working on at Huddig over the last few years,” says Lars Lindahl, CEO, Huddig. “Our team has achieved something that has not previously been done and we are convinced that Tigon Technology will attract a lot of attention and be received with great interest, not just within the construction industry but also in other industries.”

The concept machine will now be evaluated from both a technology and market point of view. The goal is to have a basis for developing a preliminary series of further field-testing by Huddig’s customers within the next few years.

The concept machine can be seen at booth 1130 at the MaskinExpo exhibition in Stockholm, Sweden from May 28-30, 2015.

May 1, 2015 

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