G&Z breaks into single-lane paving class with S400 slipform paver


The new G&Z S400 multipurpose slipform paver delivers top performance, while adding even greater value. The S400 entry-level single/dual-lane concrete paver offers the versatility to economically tackle a wide variety of applications, including city streets, ramps, shoulders, highways, airports, dual-lane, off-set, zero- or minimum-clearance projects, and barrier walls.

“The S400 slipform paver does not confuse ‘entry-level’ with ‘entry-quality’. It offers the same Guntert quality that contractors have come to expect as well as field-proven features like TeleEnd, AccuSteer and SmartLeg at an affordable price point. With the S400 now in the market, a broader base of contractors can now experience the value-added benefits of G&Z pavers,” said Ron Meskis, president of G&Z. “The S400 delivers value to the customer in its versatility, low operating cost and productivity.”

The G&Z S400 tackles a wide range of paving applications. With its standard telescopic range of 2-5.3m, the S400 enables contractors to pave most single-lane applications without the need for bolt-on extensions. With optional extensions, it paves out to 7.5m, giving contractors a combination single- and dual-lane slipform paver to increase machine utilization. Designed around a multi-purpose tractor frame boasting a universal bolting pattern, contractors can easily take advantage of this S400 design feature to easily mount barrier molds, offset kit hangers and attachments, allowing the contractor to pave multiple applications without major machine reconfiguration.

The G&Z S400 is compatible with most options and attachments available on larger G&Z slipform paver models, including paving kit, tie bar inserters, trailing finishing pan, final finisher, etc. “Designing the S400 to use many of the same components as our larger pavers allows contractors to expand their fleet with minimal capital expenditure outlay,” added Meskis.

The paver’s Tier 4i engine offers low fuel consumption, does not require a particulate filter like other Tier 4 engines, and offers extended service intervals. Its Eco-Mode feature reduces fuel consumption by up to 35%, significantly lowering long-term operating costs. Its economical plow spreader dramatically reduces maintenance costs versus an auger spreader design.

Industry proven and requested options only available through G&Z include AccuSteer and SmartLeg, which work together to move the track and swing leg on the fly as well as semi-automatically reconfigure the S400 into 90°, counter-rotate and transport modes, dramatically saving time. VariWidth and TeleEnd reduce paving kit and tractor width change time from days to just two hours, in most cases. These unique options increase the S400’s paving productivity, which gives contractors more paving days in a season, maximizes productivity and minimizes downtime.

The G&Z S400 features a patented double telescopic tractor frame, access walkway, and hose hinges for a nominal working range of 2-5.3m with up to 1.5m of telescopic ability per side.

With the addition of optional bolt-in tractor frame extensions, the S400 can extend up to nom. 7.5m. In transport mode, the S400 is 3.25m high x 3m wide x 6.6m + paving width length. At 5m, the S400 is 22,000kg without options.

When the tractor frame is equipped with G&Z’s patented VariWidth System, major tractor width changes can be done in minutes. The S400 is available with G&Z’s patented and time-saving TeleEnd – telescopic paving kit end sections which offer hydraulic telescopic ability of 915mm per end.

The S400 can be equipped with a mechanical dowel bar inserter (DBI) and can be supplied with hydraulic or electric poker vibrators. The paving kit, front tie bar inserter and many of the other optional attachments on the S400 are interchangeable with other G&Z paver models, giving the contractor a more versatile fleet of paving equipment.

The S400 will be launched to the worldwide market at Bauma 2016 (booth 1013/4). The S400 will be displayed packed with features including G&Z’s exclusive TeleEnd, AccuSteer, SmartLeg, VariWidth and EGON features.

April 1, 2016 

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