Avant improves efficiency in loader drive circuit


Avant has developed a new, smaller solution for improving the performance of the drive circuit in its loaders.

The Optidrive system, consisting of a variable displacement hydraulic pump, four hydraulic motors – one on each wheel, rather than mechanical axles – and valves that are connected together with hydraulic hoses and fittings, has been optimized to reduce power losses by 10% (1.5kW), vibrations by 50%, and the number of hydraulic connections by 60%, with 20% less use of hoses.

Typically, power is conveyed from the engine (or electric motor for the firm’s electric vehicle’s) to the wheels using hydraulic oil and is known as a drive circuit.

Avant was the first manufacturer to introduce the drive circuit system in a loader, offering lots of pushing power while also enabling a compact design and maintaining a low center of gravity for vehicle stability.

As the oil flows at a high rate through the hydraulic hoses, fittings, motors and valves, resistance in these components heats the oil up quickly and means higher fuel consumption and less engine power.

The benefits of the company’s new approach stem from its ability to minimize excessive oil heat build-up as the amount flushed through the motors is five times larger – providing a better cooling of the drive circuit.

May 4, 2017


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