New Valtra Q Series tractors launched from 230-305hp


Valtra has just launched a new range of Q Series tractors spanning from 230hp to 305hp, which fills a gap in its range between the T and S Series. Offering five models in total, the new Q Series has been manufactured with large farmers and contractors in mind as the ideal end users. The five models are: Q225, 230hp; Q245, 245hp; Q265, 265hp; Q285, 285hp and Q305,305hp.

Valtra says the Q Series is an easy-to-use, intelligent machine built for Pros allowing customers to perform any farming or contracting task and handle any implement with ease and efficiency thanks to the reliable 7.4 litre Agco Power engine and the Agco CVT transmission.

The Finnish company highlights that the total cost of ownership of the Q Series is very favourable. Easy to use precision farming solutions, a powerful, robust and reliable design, and excellent customer support enable Q customers to maximise their performance and ensure fuel efficiency, efficiencies in working hours, and reduced inputs.

Tech talk

The 7.4 litre engine features the biggest displacement in the market for this size tractor ensuring reliability and fuel efficiency. Maximum power is available at very low engine speeds of 1,850 rpm and the maximum torque stays consistent in the range of 1,000 to 1,500 rpm. The long stroke engine easily generates the high power and torque that is available in the Q Series. Valtra’s EcoPower principle has been applied to the entire Q Series range, further reducing fuel consumption. Maximum driving speed is achieved with only 1,500 rpm.

The Q Series electronic transmission management automatically selects the lowest possible engine revs for the work to maintain the lowest fuel consumption, and distributes the power accordingly to the hydraulics, PTO, or transmission.

The driver simply adjusts the settings to whichever best suits the driver or task. With droop control the operator can change the behaviour of the tractor for even more economic or intensive operating to save either fuel or time, depending on customer’s cost-saving preferences.

The Q weighs in at 9.2 tons and protects soil from compaction. The maximum gross weight is 16 tons which guarantees a high payload and it means always transporting load legally.

The tractors are compact, have a low total height and a long wheelbase. Therefore, the centre of gravity is low which makes the Q extremely stable.

The Aires Suspension in combination with the long wheelbase increases the pulling force of the tractor and reduces power hopping. The grip to the ground is increased because the air suspension has a faster reaction time compared to industry standard hydraulic suspension.

At road speeds, power is transmitted almost purely mechanically, which means fast and smooth acceleration.​ Both the cab and the front axle are air-suspended and they are perfectly synchronized to ensure a smooth ride in any environment and any temperature, whether harvesting on a hot summer day or clearing snow from the roads in winter.

Q Series dealers offer expert knowledge in sales and aftersales service, a high level of spare part availability, service contracts, and flexible finance options for complete cost control.

Furthermore, Q certified dealers offer a 100% connected fleet to guarantee maximum uptime using the latest remote diagnostic tools to schedule predictive maintenance for when it best suits customers. At handover, special attention will be made to making sure the customer’s Q Series is set up with their implements and all smart farming capabilities from day one.

Production of the new Q Series is expected to start this September.

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