New Seenebogen tree care handler offers 21m reach

With a range of up to 21m and a wide selection of attachments, the Seenebogen 728 E is particularly suitable for maintaining trees along roads and paths. Once the use of the chainsaw reaches its limits, tree care handlers come into play.

The 728 E tree care handler has extremely long work equipment consisting of a 9.2m compact boom and a 6m telescopic stick, which can be quickly retracted and extended continuously by an additional 2.5m and under load at the push of a button. Complete with equipment, the machine easily achieves a working range of up to 21m. Thanks to the robust mobile undercarriage with a support width of around 4m and pneumatic tires, the machine is always safe and stable.

Optimised for use along roads and forest paths, the 728 E with a transport dimension of 3m can also be transported quickly and easily by low-loader or, with individual road approval, can easily be moved directly from site to site as a mobile machine. This application shows the superiority of the machine compared to other working methods. Trees and shrubs along traffic routes can be removed safely and precisely with minimal manpower. Thanks to the machine’s compact dimensions and fast operation, traffic disruptions can be minimised. The Seenebogen 728 E avoids complex road blocks and the risk of accidents among workers.

Safe, precise work instead of dangerous, personnel-intensive tree felling. The Seenebogen 728 E is the efficient and safe alternative to manual tree maintenance along the traffic routes and in problem tree felling.

When designing the tree care handler, special attention was paid to safety and operator comfort in daily operation. In the comfortable Maxcab, in addition to the outstanding all-round visibility from the cab, which can be raised by 2.70 m and tilted by 30 degrees, the operator can also look forward to particularly ergonomic controls and a comfort seat. Protected by roof and front grilles as well as windscreens and side windows made of bulletproof glass, the machine can be configured according to customer requirements. The spacious cab itself offers a panoramic view over the entire working area, while cameras provide additional support.

The necessary power is provided by a powerful Stage V diesel engine with 140 kW, which reliably drives the two hydraulic circuits. Like all Seenebogen tree care handlers, the 728 E comes with a separate, generously dimensioned auxiliary hydraulic system for independent operation of the attachments as standard. Depending on the intended use, the machine can be operated with a grapple saw, mulcher, cutting unit and more

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