Eavision launches new intelligent agricultural spraying drone


Eavision has unveiled its new all-area-aware intelligent drone EA-30X designed by Pininfarina Shanghai, a professional agriculture spraying drone especially for hills and mountains that can cover all terrains, all time, and all plant protection application scenarios.

Above: dual cameras on the new EA-30X enable it to work well in challenging environments

The new generation of EA-30X dual-eye environment sensing technology provides safe and dynamic continuous obstacle avoidance and full coverage of terrain below 90 degrees; the new generation of night navigation lighting system enables dual-eye day and night autonomous operation; the new generation of CCMS-L20000 dual-peak misting nozzle penetrates thick canopy crops and significantly increases the amount of dosing on the back of leaves. The three technologies complement each other and aim to focus on the weak links in the mechanisation of China’s agricultural hills and mountains.

As an exclusive advantage of Eavision, the dual cameras allow the drones to work in challenging environments such as hilly and mountainous terrain. Pininfarina designers have taken a deep consideration of binocular camera during the design process. The design of the camera is protected by a beautiful cover in shape, but does not block the field of view and protects the camera very well at the same time. The shape is similar to that of the logo, the eagle, which echoes it. The design of the camera is also based on the logo of Eavision, the eagle, which is similar in form and meaning.

Above: the EA-30X’s new 5C charging mode enables two batteries and one charge

The design is in line with the brand’s eagle symbolism, highlighting the dual-eye camera while adding a raised shape feature line in the middle, nicely integrating the body shell and the barrel into one, maintaining a sense of sturdiness and speed while remaining heroic. The colour choice is based on Eavision brand blue, a relatively subdued and atmospheric blue, which again emphasises the product’s solidity, stability and reliability and establishes a link between the product, the brand and emotion.

The Eavision drone understands that technological progress is not for the sake of human beings, but for the sake of the growth of all things, and adheres to the concept of mechanisation + digital agriculture. The EA-30X has achieved precise spraying at fixed points, intelligent path planning with multiple take-off and landing points, integrated FPV remote control system, and can fly when circling the land, and minimise full and empty flight time, improving operational efficiency by more than 30%. The new 5C charging mode enables two batteries and one charge, easy cycle, reduces battery maintenance and enables intelligent maintenance, real-time scheduling and monitoring of aircraft conditions, bringing more possibilities for intelligent plant protection.

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