Steyr’s stunning futuristic Konzept


Unveiled for the first time at the tail end of 2019, Steyr’s concept tractor was created by CNH Industrial’s Design Centre to encapsulate a future vision of agricultural machinery. This ultra-modern looking machine offers innovative technologies in a unique, sustainable and potentially zero emission package.

The design of Koncept centres around a modular hybrid electric drive comprising a highly efficient diesel engine, a generator and five electric motors, which are individually controlled. In electric mode, the Steyr Konzept boasts zero noise and gas emission, making it ideal for use in municipal environments as well as when working in proximity to livestock or in confined farm spaces.

The tractor’s superior handling is as a result of immediately available torque, which ensures near-instantaneous vehicle response. The use of wheel hub motors lowers the vehicle’s centre of gravity, improving stability as well as manoeuvrability thanks to individual wheel torque deployment and four-wheel steering. The operator gets a smooth ride as a result of individual wheel suspension, while large glazed windows with integrated cameras ensure better visibility and safety.

The machine features numerous innovative precision farming technologies, most noticeably a drone equipped with crop sensors that flies ahead of the tractor during field work, transmitting real-time data back to the cab meaning operating parameters can be modified based on field conditions.

A mobile, digital farm office empowers operators to undertake farm management directly from the cab thanks to an integrated display on the right-hand window. Thanks to such fresh considerations of efficiency, sustainability and comfort this vehicle lays the foundations for the future of tractor design.


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