WORLD FIRST: Jungheinrich announces electric replacement for hydrostatic truck


Lift-truck pioneers Jungheinrich announced its lithium-ion powered breakthrough – the P30i – yesterday in Hamburg. The truck, which will replace IC powered, hydrostatic equivalents, is described as a ‘game changer in the world of counterbalance trucks’, being the first to deliver the performance of an IC engine on all-electric power. This is achieved using two of Jungheinrich’s high-performance 96V lithium-ion batteries, each delivering 25kWh of power. Two smaller batteries are used rather than one large one in order that cabin space can be maximised, giving the operator the same comfort and space that is offered in IC equivalents. Speaking exclusively to iVT International Marerk Sheithauer, Jungheinrich’s product manager for counterbalance trucks, explains more.

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