Linde develops pallet stacker assistant


Linde Material Handling has launched a pallet stacker assistant to protect surrounding people and goods. The intelligent driver assistance system builds on the technology the company introduced two years ago for industrial trucks.

The Load Management system shows all important load data to the operator via a display and takes corrective action in the event of operating errors that would jeopardize safety of individuals in the vicinity.

A Linde spokesperson said, “The masts of pallet stackers Linde L14 to L20, with load capacities of between 1.4 tons and 2.0 tons, can lift goods to heights of more than 5m. If an operator misestimates the remaining load capacity, this can quickly become a safety risk for them and others in the warehouse.

“For instance, in the particular case of numerous large, heavy and lengthy goods of different dimensions needing to be moved, warehouse operators can hardly fall back on experience. They must laboriously calculate, by means of payload diagrams, the height to which they are allowed to lift the goods. If they do not do this, and rely on their own gut feeling instead, the truck can tip over in the worst of cases.

“The same danger exists if operating errors occur during load transport or maneuvering, such as in the case of an operator driving with the load lifted or the tiller arm at too great an angle.

“The Linde Load Management system provides invaluable support to the operator. A large color display shows the relevant load capacity information: the actual weight on the load arms on one hand, as well as the current and maximum permissible lift height on the other.”

July 7, 2017


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