Hyster celebrates 35 years at Craigavon with tough new XT forklift launch


At an event to mark 35 years of production at its factory in Craigavon, Northern Ireland, Hyster Company revealed its new XT series – an affordable, tough and durable range of 2.0 – 3.0 metric ton capacity forklift trucks to suit a variety of everyday indoor and outdoor applications in logistics, distribution and manufacturing.

The Hyster H2.0–3.0XT series, available with either diesel, LPG or dual fuel engines, give maximum uptime that businesses can depend on, while offering a continued low cost of ownership. “The XT series is perfectly suited to the majority of everyday applications and we anticipate that the wide appeal of this machine will make it a popular choice,” said Karen Calver, product strategy manager for Hyster in Europe. “The addition of the XT series to the Hyster portfolio gives businesses even greater opportunity to specify a forklift that meets their operational needs and their budget.”

Built using proven, high-quality Hyster components, the XT series offers operators a long and reliable performance. Two engine choices ensure power is delivered efficiently over a 10,000-hour design life, helping to reduce lifetime costs. The benefits of the Yanmar diesel engine include super-quick glow plugs allowing the engine to start quickly and reliably under cold conditions, delivering a cleaner exhaust by advancing the fuel injection timing based on water temperature.

For the PSI 2.4L LPG engine option, there are two engine modes, HiP for maximum productivity and ECO-eLo for the best fuel economy so that users can select the mode that best suits their usage.

For the comfort of the user and others within the working area, the engines used within the XT series are all fully isolated from the frame and axle and prevent direct transmission of noise, keeping noise exposure to a minimum for operators. Vibration levels are also lowered, and with a full suspension seat which can be adjusted to suit the driver’s height and weight, operators can enjoy a comfortable and easy operation and remain productive throughout a shift. To help further maintain productivity, the XT series trucks also offer well-placed controls and a large low step to make it easy for operators to get on and off the truck.

Loads can be moved quickly thanks to powerful tractive and hydraulic systems, which are fitted with O-ring face seal fittings to prevent oil leaks. With excellent rigidity and low settling times at elevation, the Hyster masts give precise and confident operation over a long service life.

The XT series provides an opportunity for businesses to tailor the truck in order to meet their specific site challenges. Options for customizing the XT truck are available straight from the factory and include traction speed control, rear drive handle, light kits, blue spot light, a side-shifting fork positioner, and telemetry systems. The integral side-shift option allows for accurate load placement with minimal loss of capacity while the travel speed limit option does not impact truck acceleration or hoist speed. Where attachments are needed, 4th function hydraulics with interlock allow the use of clamping attachments. A full, flexible range of cabins can also be added and removed from machines easily and are available ex-factory or once in service.

Servicing the XT series is simple, and with all Hyster parts readily available, this helps to drive efficiency and keep costs low. There is a 500-hour service interval, with easy service access and simplified layout of wiring and hydraulics offering greater access to components and decreasing service time for regular maintenance. In addition, the filtration system, robust clutch packs, sealed electrical connectors, O-ring face seals and Hall-effect sensors all contribute to reducing servicing requirements and help owners enjoy a low cost of ownership.

“The Craigavon factory has been central to producing many innovative Hyster products over the past 35 years. We are proud that our latest product – the XT series – will be manufactured in Europe and exported all over the world,” concluded Karen Calver.

April 22, 2016

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