Proventia introduces high-power batteries for hybrid machines


Proventia, a Finnish technology company developing and supplying technologies for engine, machine and vehicle industries, has introduced the Proventia ePRO48 high-power battery for off-road hybrid powertrains and other electric subsystems.

The new product, a 48V lithium-ion battery, combines Proventia’s two major competencies: Emission Control and Test Solutions. Proventia has extensive expertise in powertrains for non-road mobile machinery through the emission control systems that the company develops and supplies for global non-road OEMs. Proventia also knows battery technology by designing and manufacturing electric vehicle and battery test chambers for the automotive industry. Based on these two fields of expertise, Proventia has now developed the 48V high-power battery for hybrid non-road powertrains.

In off-road machines, combustion engines are expected to remain the primary power source for years to come. However, hybrid systems are gaining ground as they enable operational cost savings and improved productivity. When the peak power that many non-road machine operations require is produced with electricity, the combustion engine itself can be run at optimal efficiency – leading to lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.   For this application, the Proventia ePRO48 battery is the perfect match, when high power and utmost operational safety matter.

The Proventia ePRO48 high-power battery has a robust mechanical construction, wide operational temperature window, and a long lifetime. The company has built its battery on the most reliable li-ion battery technologies and most durable packaging.

The C-rates of Proventia ePRO48 batteries are over 10‒20 times higher than those with energy-biased lithium-ion batteries.  Furthermore, high cycle life is a feature needed in hybrid use.  Repetitive discharging in peak shaving and e-turbo boost and charging at every possible opportunity in energy recuperation mode demand a technology that can withstand this year after year.

The Proventia 48V battery provides instantaneous power for the needs of e-turbos and electric motors, for example. Equally important is the capability to recover energy – the battery is happy to receive both long recuperation events and short bursts of high-power charging from the vehicle.

Just like Proventia’s exhaust systems, Proventia ePRO48 batteries can be customized in many ways to meet customer requirements, with lower or higher voltage, or bigger capacity, for example.  The Proventia ePRO48 battery is already in the productization pipeline, and the company has delivered prototypes to several pilot customers for field testing in Europe. Mass production will start in 2022. Currently the company is increasing its development efforts to high voltage systems. Learn more: Proventia ePRO48 high power battery for non-road machines

More information: Jari Granath, Product Manager, Proventia Electric Powertrain, +358 20 781 0211

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